Sunday, August 30, 2009

The First Days of School

Unh. I have survived Day One at RAKESS. I didn't actually teach, and the kids were really good on the playground when I had duty out why do I feel like I got hit by a Mac truck? On the bright side, things are slowly coming together as far as the PYP curriculum, I haven't managed to make too much of an idiot out of myself in front of Casey or Stephanie, and my classroom's pretty well set up. So things could be worse.
Thursday night a bunch of people went out to the golf club and later, the sailing club. At first I wanted to go, wanted to make friends, but around five o'clock, I remembered that I don't like socializing in big groups like that (most of whom I don't give a flying fig about and at least a couple of which I find irritating) and that I was perfectly capable of entertaining myself in a much more enjoyable manner. And also, that I've never cared much for the sort of friends you make in forced situations like that. So I went to a net cafe for a while, then checked out the OK Pizzeria next door, and had some pretty amazing penne diavolo. When I got home, I read. It may mean a few extra bored and lonely evenings, but at least I'll be in good company. But maybe I'll put together a victory dinner for this Thursday night and share it with the people who might have potential.

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