Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things I Remembered This Week

When most people have deja vu...well, I heard an explanation for it once upon a time, it has to do with chemicals, or changes in the Matrix, or something. I, in fact, have deja vu for legitimate reasons - I have, in fact, done some of these things before. This is my third round of desert living, my second in the middle east (unless you count my wanderings last fall, in which case we're up to four and three), although it always seems to be so long between that I forget certain things. Such as, how to drink 8 liters of water in a day. The answer: I'm still not sure, but I must, for that seems to be about how much I sweat out over my 25 minute playground duty.

I'm also remembering why I love linen so very, very much. IT BREATHES. Nothing is as nice as walking in from the bloody hot outdoors, and having the cool air flow right through your clothing. It's like walking around naked, but without the possibility of sunburns and stonings for public indencency.

I've remembered the reason why I loved Prison Break so much - other than its inherent awesomeness - which is because it gave me something to fill up the long, dull evenings, as I'm having the same experience now watching classic X-Files (note: I still want to be Scully when I grow up. I also still want to DO Mulder when I grow up). Consequently, I also remember how much it always sucked to try and watch or listen to anything while the muezzin (call to prayer) is blasting. I remember why I used to hoard napkins from restaurants (see above, "How to drink 8 liters of water in a day.")

The hopeful point of all this is, I think I'm almost acclimated. Acclimatized? Whatever. Yesterday when I was waiting for a cab after school, I was standing there, and the breeze was blowing, and yea though it was hot, verily I didn't want to die. Which either means it's getting cooler (yeah, right), or I'm getting used to the heat.

The individual who has distinguished herself as just plain irritating to me complimented me on my hat today. I've had this hat for over four years now, and it's getting pretty grungy, but it may very well be the best purchase I made during the three years I lived in Korea (orange finches? a flute? coin hip scarves? Yes, this beats them all). When she said it was a nice hat, I remembered the night that I got it - it was February, and I was going over to Suji to Amelia's new apartment, although I can't remember why anymore, and I saw it on my way through Samsung Plaza, and thought, "I MUST have this hat! It will protect me from the nasty evil UV rays and not die on me in four weeks like sun hats in times past (and it has)," and how excited I was to show it to her when I got there. In spite of the fact that Amelia and I grew apart fairly quickly after that, I still remember those times fondly, and it was incongruous to have that memory dredged up by the one person who has annoyed me ALREADY in the last three weeks. But since I've been known to change my mind about people once I get to know them - hell, I originally thought Supermike was some cocky bastard and wondered who the hell he thought he was - maybe there's hope for this one yet. I won't give you even odds on it, but stranger things have happened.

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