Thursday, December 31, 2009

From General Bazaar back to Shilparamam

I didn't really feel like I was in India (in spite of the autos, crowds, saris, and public urination) until today. It really hit me that I was in another world on the way home from Shilparamam craft village in the auto (tuk-tuk). This was the first one I've been in that has a radio, and the driver turned it on and out squawked Indian music, bollywood tunes or something, you get the drift - and driving down the streets with the wind in my hair and the music blasting in my ears, and the occasional stoplight beggar tapping at my I felt I had arrived, that this was India. Can't explain why, but the music just unlocked something.

Hit General Bazaar today, and tried to find a sari. Found lots of sari shops but none really had what I was looking for, and the shop I was in Tuesday had better prices, so I started kicking around the idea of heading back to Laad Bazaar. Then I thought, "Screw it - I'd rather go back to the craft village," so I grabbed an auto to Shilparamam (easier said than done - I know it's in the general vicinity of Hi-Tec City, but couldn't be more specific than that, and the first two drivers didn't know Shilparamam). But eventually I found one who did, who would take me there for 120 rupees (down from the 150 he originally quoted), and I ended up buying the sari I saw on Saturday, a cerulean blue tissue silk embroidered with purple and pink flowers...pretty stunning, even if it's not the black and red I thought I wanted. I also bought fabric for a salwar-kameez - tie-dyed cotton, black with flamey orange and red - and a beaded neckline to stitch on the finished product. Now I just have to get the appropriate bits stitched, but with only a week left in India, I'm thinking I may have to wait and get it done back in the Emirates.

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