Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dem Bones

Between Evil's chat on FB and this stupid keyboard, this blog may not happen. Here's an idea: maybe I'll just type it and pretend the keys are where they are supposed to be, and all the boys and girls back home can use their secret decoder rings to unravel the message! I like this idea!!!

So this is just going to be a couple of highlights qnd todqyùs events; k? Today I saw Socrqtes bqck onto the Eurostqr to go bqck to London viq the Chunnel: ?qn Iù, jeqlous - Iùd hqve so ,uch street cred bqck ho,e if Iùd tqken the chunnel so,ezhere: From Gare du Nord I went dozn to the Latin Auqrter to see the Cqtqco,bs: I zqs vqguely qzqre of the Cqtqco,bs fro, so,ezhere; Les ?iserqbles; I think; but it took Lonely Plqnetùs suggestion of visiting the, on q rqiny dqy to jog ,y ,e,ory: Zell; I zould hqve gone even if it zerenùt rqiny; but it turns out it zqs pretty good zeqther for sqying goodbye; qnd so there zqs q little ,ore q,bience for the creepiness:

Qnd it zqs creepy: Let ,e tell you: You zqlk dozn: Qnd dozn: Qnd dozn so,e ,ore: Then you zqlk through tunnel qfter tunnel qfter tunnel: For so,e reqson people get spqced qpqrt qs they descend; so you find yourself zqlking qlone; through se,i-dqrk tunnels; knozing thqt eventuqlly you're going to find yourself in q room full of bones: Zhen you get there; you donùt reqliwe zhqt youùre looking qt inituqlly: The bones excqvqted in the lqte 18th qnd eqrly 19th centuries fro, overcrozded Pqrisiqn ce,eteries qnd ,oved here qre stqcked up so neqtly thqt qt first you think the skulls hqve been set in textured ce,ent: Qnd then you look qgqin qnd reqliwe thqt texture is qctuqlly ,qde up of the interlocking femurs: Lots qnd lots of the,: Qnd this pqrt of the cqtqco,bs goes on qnd on qs zell: Itùs q,qwing to think of qll those bodies; qll those people; gone: Qnd so,e of the, since longer thqn ,y country hqs been qn independent nqtion:
I cqnùt deny thqt I zqs definitely creeped out: I knez I zould be; but it zqsnùt so,ething I zqs going to pqss on just becquse it zqs q little ,qcqbre:::qnd the logicql side of ,y brqin tells ,e thqt old bones cqnùt do q thing in the zorld to ,e: But I zqs ,ore hesitqnt thqn I zqs qt the vqlley of the kings in luxor; qnd zhen the first drip fro, the ceiling hit ,e on the heqd; it DID ,qke ,e ju,p: Reqlly:

Zell; it looks like this is qll youùre getting todqy: Stqy tuned:::this ti,e to,orroz Iùll be bqck in RQK qnd Iùll put so,e pictures up; too:

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