Friday, March 26, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

There's a very small chance typing this on Giancarlo will be less annoying than using a French keyboard. However, this way I get to do it for free at Macca's.

This is my fifth day in Paris. I feel as though I'm in my own personal Wonderland. There's art. There are landmarks and history I've wanted to experience for more than half my life. There are flowers and trees and spring weather and waterways that don't smell of the sea. Hills. Good's kinda been a walk down memory lane as I've eaten Korean, Vietnamese,Indian, and Thai (don't worry, I ate French at a restaurant with chansons last night, belting out tunes I didn't know - and one I did, although I'm glad they didn't ask me HOW I knew it, because I would've been embarassed to admit it was because of Moulin Rouge.)
I've seen the Eiffel tower. I took the stairs to le deuxieme etage and the elevator from there to the top. I've stood in a very long line to get into the Musee d'Orsay, and was second in line to get into the Louvre. You should probably be aware by now that when left to my own devices I can become very...interesting...and if I get around to it, I kept track of my random thoughts at the Louvre, just for your entertainment (that's just the kind of friend I am). Saw the inside of Notre Dame, but not the towers (yet), and the Arc de Triomphe. Yesterday it rained, but I explored a little, read in a cafe, and had that dinner, and when I left, the view across the city of lights from the top of the hill was enough to take your breath away.
There's still quite a few things I need to do, but Socrates arrives in a few hours for the next two days, and it will be nice to have a partner in crime. Stay tuned for part deux.

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