Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Show Must Go On

"Inside my heart is breaking,
My makeup may be flaking,
but my smile still stays on..."

It doesn't seem right to me that while my own little egocentric universe is falling apart that the world is filled with butterflies and skies clear enough to see the mountains. My last couple of times leaving Korea it pissed rain, and that seems more like it. Socrates has left the building. It has been a couple of very long days, and they weren't exactly pleasant, fun times, but on the other hand, I've lost my best friend, and I'd rather spend my last day with him in tedium than not at all. However, I do wish it hadn't come to this, wish the school hadn't driven him to the point where he felt like the townsfolk were after him with pitchforks.

I'm pleased to report that I'm pretty much through with the hyperventilating stage of my grief, but I still gotta say that this is the part of the mercenary educator lifestyle that I hate. How many of you have I stayed up with in a cleaning/packing vigil? How many of you have stayed up with me? Saying goodbye time and time again sucks the big one - but Bronte had a saying about how the fact that it hurts is just a testament to how much the friendship means, and I'm glad to say that I've had the kind of friendships I've had, even when it rips my guts out to let you go (yes, you...Sara, Wilmarie, Bronte, John, Belinda, Tori, and probably a few that are skipping my mind right now). You mean the world to me, literally, because without you the world wouldn't have had meaning these last five years.

So now I have a day to catch up on my sleep and clean up the APT before going to Paris. Time to put on some of that really gay 80's music Socrates loaded onto Giancarlo Wednesday night and rock the house.

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  1. 人生的光榮,不在永不失敗,而在於能夠屢仆屢起。 ..................................................