Sunday, April 4, 2010

and in the eyes of a jackal i say kaaaaaa-


I have a strange feeling of detachment about being back in RAK, about the rest of this year. More on that another day. We had the grand inquisition in for two weeks before the holidays, right? Well, it turns out it was a good, old-fashioned witch hunt in all but name. We had a meeting first thing this morning, before our PD day (teacher-inservice for my American readers), to discuss the "results" of the inquest. And it was scathing. The Mighty Inquisitor was NOT IMPRESSED, she disapproved of us in lots of different ways, but the point of the exercise was they got our principal sacked. Our much-loved, odd little Aussie principal. Don't get me wrong, folks, he's got his faults, but at the end of the day, HE is not the problem with this school (I'm going to pass on naming the problem til another day).

Anyways, there was hardly a teacher in the room that wasn't gutted. The Grand Inquisitor will be taking over as of the 15th of April (which gives me another reason to call it Evilness Day). I'll talk about this more later. I've got another caffeine headache. Apparently I picked the wrong week to quit.

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