Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hard Time

I have 64 days left here. Today was one of those days that made me say, "Good riddance!" It started when our secretary told me that I couldn't hide stuff behind the display board - apparently my buckets and apron peeking out do not spell, "Professional." Well, I can understand the apron, but give me an effing break - I have to teach the KG's in their own rooms, I haven't been given a cart to move everything around on, and I don't have the time to run back and forth to my classroom between sessions, so what the hell do they want me to do? I've been about as flexible as a Chinese contortionist while they figure out exactly what they want me to do about the KG's, so I got a little peeved over a complaint this asinine. Then there's the fact that I spent the last 30 minutes of the day with 2H while their teacher was out - not that huge a deal until I realized that I'd switched today's duty with their teacher yesterday because of their field trip. And I didn't want to switch because it was the best day of the cafeteria calendar, Fajita Day, but I did it anyways, and now I needed my lunch period to finish prepping something I didn't have time for in the morning. Argh!! The logical thing would be to work a little harder and get ahead of the game so these things wouldn't phase me, but I rarely operate under the rules of logic.

An ironic thing occurred to me this morning...when I first decided against music as a profession, way back in my innocent college days, I thought I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I had all these talents - music and art and storytelling - and I thought that teaching kinde would be great because it would let me use them all. Yeah, well, then I volunteered in a kindergarten class, and I realized how much work it was, and how much responsibility you have for their learning, and I ran screaming into art education. Yet here I am, after five years of teaching, and not only has more of it been as a kindergarten teacher than an art teacher, but I'm about to go and do it to myself AGAIN. And I'm sort of looking forward to it. Maybe GDA warped me in more ways than I think...

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