Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nerding Out

My ideas on what to do when loosed upon the Big Apple quickly devolved into the realms of the tourist. I wasn't too nerdy last summer - I didn't have the energy for it. So last Thursday I decided I'd go to MOMA via Central Park. It's not really on the way from Times Square, but, you know, whatever. When we were talking about this trip the day before Babysis and I left, our mom expressed some concerns about going to Central Park. I wrote this off to the fact that most of what my mom knows about New York comes from watching Law and Order. However, as I was walking through the park, I started thinking about my Dark Lord and Master, who once counted himself amongst the denizens of Manhattan, and I happened to remember a night when he, B, and myself went out to dinner, passing a neat looking park in Bundang. I said something about going to the park, to which he replied, "I'm from New York. We don't do parks at night." Hmm. Maybe there's something to that.

Next, on the roundabout way to MOMA, I found something to eat, and took it to Tiffany's so I could have - Breakfast at Tiffany's! Probably I should have dressed up or something but it was hot and I was in the middle of a walk.

Babysis quickly glommed onto the idea of buying CityPass booklets to take care of most of our sightseeing needs. They were about $80 each and included admission to 6 of the city's hottest tourist destinations. I - being totally cheap - felt that I needed to use ALL of them, to make sure I got my money's worth, which had the result of making my 2011 New York experience a little more frenetic than it otherwise might have been. I already mentioned the 3 museums that were part of it. The Harbor Lights Circle Line Cruise was another. It let us get "Face to face, cheek to cheek with Lady Liberty," but just the feel of the boat and the totally different vantage point on New York, as the lights of the city came up, was pretty cool...and we had a really knowledgeable old dude sharing facts and figures about "Gotham" with us, which made it that much more interesting.

After the cruise we decided to go for the Empire State Building. The line was horrendous, but as long as we waited, we knew we were lucky it wasn't longer - there were plenty of roped off areas that we didn't have to walk through, and thanks to our CityPass we did get to jump at least a little bit of the line. It's a beautiful building, and the view from the top is just incredible.

The next night we followed up the Empire State Building with Rockefeller Center (aka, 30 Rock! Yes, I know, I am totally a nerd). The entrance we went in through took us straight past Radio City Music Hall, and the wait was not nearly as tedious as for the Empire State Building. The view was similarly spectacular. It's not a bad building to look at by daylight, either.

What's that, you say? We didn't go see a show???? Yes, as a matter of fact, we did. Babysis left it in my capable hands to get us tickets. I was supposed to stand in the TKTS line and buy us something good and cheap...but...well, I took a look at the line. Then I took a look at what was playing (the big name musicals Babysis had already seen). Then I heard a voice say, "Avenue Q - New World Theater - $55!" and I decided that we'd go to a show that I'd been wanting to see for two years, ever since Bobby talked it up at B&N when it came to Omaha. Avenue Q isn't exactly your traditional musical production...think Sesame Street meets Rent. It may kind of ruin your childhood - and you will totally be okay with it. Obviously I don't have any photos from it, but here for your viewing pleasure, is....Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, from Avenue Q!

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