Friday, July 29, 2011

Shop Til You Drop It Like It's Hot

Maybe it's Michelle Obama. Maybe it's Kate Middleton. I don't know. For whatever reason, the American fashion industry has actually started making clothing that is modest enough for us Mormon girls, and I'm in heaven. Last year was an abomination. Last year my super summer shopping spree turned out to be a bust - I bought a mere handful of shirts that I then spent the rest of the year being bored by. I was resigned to more of the same for this year, thinking that if I could find a handful of good clothes, I'd take them back and make the tailors copy them ad nauseum.

I was pleasantly shocked when I went into Westroads Mall that first weekend home with my sister and ACTUALLY had things to try on...and as of last night I was still shopping. Although that has to stop. No, really. My suitcase is completely full. I could tell you how much I've spent on clothes in the last four weeks, but my parents read this sometimes...suffice it to say that I've done my part to support the economy while I've been home.

What makes this season work so well for me particularly (as opposed to other Mormon girls, who just need sleeves)? There are a lot of cowl necks and ruching. Ruching helps hide lumpy bits (which I seem to have more of after a month home - gah!), and I just like cowl necks. All of the clothes in my New York posts, and any in upcoming DC or Santorini posts - in addition to these are from these seasons. Now I just have to see what the Shanghai tailors can make of them, and whether or not they are creative enough to adapt them with long sleeves and heavier fabric for winter...

And yes, that's Rupert Jee, of Late Show with David Letterman fame, posing with me and my Babysis on our last day in the Big Apple!

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