Sunday, June 17, 2012

Death Defying Goldfish

I sent the following email out to my colleagues this week to try to find a home for my three goldfish. The response was overwhelming. Every word of it is true - I would have spun you this tale before now, but...well, it's been a busy month.

Dear staff members,

When I first came here I purchased some goldfish, thinking these were ordinary goldfish and it wouldn't be too long before they were introduced to the porcelain god. Two years later, they have proven to be miraculous goldfish, as three of the five are not only alive but about 3 times bigger than when I got them, in spite of my somewhat neglectful care. In fact, one of them is a


Three weeks ago, this fish attempted a triple lutz in the middle of the night and ended up outside the bowl. When I found him in the morning, he had dried up and I feared the worst, but when I saw his gills move, I picked him up and plopped him back in the water, where over the course of the next few hours he made a dazzling recovery.

They should be in a hall of fame, probably, but I don't think the airlines will let me transport them, so I am looking for a good home for my wonderfish. Is there anybody who will adopt them? They come with a beautiful traditional ceramic bowl, aerator, plant, and a 4 month supply of food. Act fast, because fish like these are sure to go fast!

Thank you much-


Here's a picture of my boys...

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