Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rainbow Connection

I've been on Rapa Nui (otherwise known as Easter Island or, if you habla espanol, Isla de Pascua) four days now, and this is the first chance I've really had to sit down and write something about the experience. My hotel, which advertised itself as having wifi, doesn't necessarily have wifi that WORKS, so only now, when I'm kind of getting bored (note: five days on a small, windswept Polynesian-cum-South American island is too much. Three would have been plenty), have I decided it's worthwhile to lug the computadora down the street to the one restaurant I've found that has complimentary wifi. So here I am.
Okay, so, it's taking forever to upload that one photo, so we'll do fewer pics with this post. Basically, after a short nap (I took the red-eye from Lima, and arrived shortly after 7 a.m.) I left my room to grab a bite to eat and was dismayed to find out that those damned weathermen had been correct - it was raining. It slowed and stopped (I've come to realize this is a pattern here), and I set out in search of my first moai. I came to them, at Ahu Tahai, just as it started raining, which did NOT make me very happy. I begged Heavenly Father to make it stop, and it did - eventually. Which was great. Then the sun pushed its way out of the clouds, and lo and behold, a rainbow appeared over my new friends. The same thing happened yesterday.
Now, I'm not all that fond of getting rained on, especially not while wielding a $600 phone/camera. But without the rain, you can't have rainbows. I believe in God, that there is a governing force in the world, and that sometimes we have to deal with something less than wonderful in order for something beautiful to happen. I realize this is true even if you don't believe in God (to save those who don't the trouble of pointing it out to me). Nevertheless, I was happy for the reminder to be patient in my trials...and for the beautiful pictures.

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