Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Day in Phormer Pharaoh's Land (31 Oct 2008)

I'm using Belinda's piccolo computer and it's annoying, so this will be a short one. After dragging myself out of bed yesterday, we hit Old Cairo. The best part of the day was stumbling across Saad Cafe...outside they had a sign that said, "Welcome to the house of cats. Come and enjoy your drink with the sweet cats." Sure enough, the proprietor had about 2 dozen cats calling his establishment home. I wanted to talk to him about the fact that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats (the center of worship for Bastet was Bubastis, near modern Zagazig), but I didn't know if my pagan knowlege would conflict with his Muslim ideals, so I stayed silent.
The worst part of the day was feeling like I was stalked by the paparazzi in the Greek orthodox church. Some Arabic dude aimed his camera at me the minute I walked in, so I turned away. He kept following me around, poised to click, and finally I turned to him angrily and said he was making me uncomfortable. He protested that he was taking pictures of the church, but it was pretty obvious what he was doing. Now, don't get me wrong, plenty of Korean teenagers have tried to snap pictures of me without seeming too obvious about it, but the feeling was just different.
Other memorable experiences - going into a shop, looking at the drums, admitting that I play zills (sagat around here) and giving an impromptu concert with one of the girls in the shop that played tabla. That was pretty cool.

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