Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in Greece! (4 Oct 2008)

I used to keep a blog on MySpace (back in the day when people who weren't in the music industry used it), and it occurs to me that I would like to transfer the old blogs over here (some of them, at any rate). So this is the first one. I'm adding pictures to make it more interesting for everybody involved. Bear with me...

So I'm back out in the rest of the world, and it's fabulous! This is day two...well, technically day three. I left Korea on Wednesday, but my layover in Moscow was 17 hours, so I just got to Athens yesterday. By the way, the trip was not as bad as I'd initially feared...after my all night vigil packing and cleaning I was able to sleep most of the plane trip and the layover...unfortunately the Russian athlete I - during my waking moments - checked out in Incheon and on the flight to Moscow, left the airport.
Anyways, I made it to Bronte's apartment, which is such a cute place, and you can see the port from BOTH her balconies. I've already eaten myself sick off her cooking once, and had souvlaki for lunch yesterday and today (so much for the idea of losing weight on vacation!) - today at a portside taverna under an umbrella along the water - and now I'm sitting on her couch teasing Vasilis. Life is good!

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