Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bronte's Birthday and Train Trauma (9 Oct 2008)

Ommmmmmmm. Ommmmmm. That is the third time my blog has magically disappeared TODAY, so before I head out to the train station, I'm going to try one last time, and if I don't get this message up to tell you I'm still alive and in Greece, well, you'll just have to hope that I am. Maybe later I'll retype what I said twice already this morning, after my trip into Athens in search of a train ticket and the lunch Vasilis' mommy is making us, using the Belinda Webster method, but I ain't making no promises, especially since I'm not even sure this message will go through. Let's try it! 7:18 PM Okay, so I’ve caved. I’m doing this in the manner that first Belinda, then Bronte suggested. I think Bronte may be tired of listening to me swear at her computer. So this is what I typed this morning, several times:
Bronte’s birthday – it was Tuesday. Vasilis outdid himself by sneaking the partygoers into the flat, while I stalled/distracted Bronte (which I’m pretty much inept at…I told her to change her shoes and fix her hair, both of which she ignored…if it weren’t for the fact that her dress suddenly got a hole that she had to stitch up, I don’t know what I would have done). When she came down the stairs, everyone was waiting to wish her a happy birthday, including one Mimis (actual name: Michos), a pretty dang good looking 6’3” Greek man that I enjoyed looking at and even talked to for a while (I don’t think he was too impressed, though, by the lack of spirits in my glass, nor by my moral inability to gamble…oh well, such is life). (The above photo is hers - I don't have permission to use it but I've got my fingers crossed she won't sue).

Train trauma – and this continued on into today…it turns out you can’t buy tickets for the train to Istanbul (via Thessaloniki) online, and you can’t buy them in Piraeus Station (I’m not sure you can do anything in Piraeus Station, it sort of looked like it had been abandoned a year ago), and when Vasilis tried to call for me yesterday, they didn’t answer the phone, a fact which made a lot more sense when I got to Larissa Station in Athens and discovered the railway and Metro lines were on strike. So I went back this morning, early because V’s mommy was cooking lunch for us this afternoon, and realized I hadn’t noticed the opening hours for the international ticket office last night…they didn’t open til ..1:40... However, it turns out that at Panepistimio there is another ticket office, and they opened at 8, so I buzzed over there and FINALLY got my ticket to Istanbul – I’ll depart Athens at 9 Saturday morning, get to Thessaloniki 3-ish, have three hours to explore a bit before taking the 6-ish train, which is a sleeper train, to Istanbul, where I will arrive just after 8 on Sunday morning. As Bronte says, “Ye-Ay!!!"

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