Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disappointed but Valiantly Avoiding Bitterness (20 Oct 2008)

So this was the day we'd chosen to go to Jerash. Unfortunately, the fates didn't align for us. In this case, it means that the Palace Hotel didn't have enough people to put together a tour today. In an attempt to move out of some rather dark dwellings I've been mentally inhabiting for...well, a while now...I'm attempting to look on the bright side of things. (I'm also halfway through my second Tom Robbins book for the vacation, and it may or may not be having an effect on my verbal acrobatics). So I tried to be optimistic about the aborted trip to Jerash. For starters, it's just a bunch of ruins, and I've seen lots of ruins in my day (okay, so they're a particularly well-preserved Roman city, details, details!). Furthermore, there are ruins aplenty right here in Amman that I can access on foot, starting right down the street from my hotel, for less money than some stinking tour, leaving me with liquid funds to buy some cool coins I found in the souqs around my hotel. Alright, done and done.
What I was hoping for, though, really hoping for, was that there would be a full group to go to Petra tomorrow, because that would mean we'd ride in style, and be able to stop along the way at Karak, Wadi Mujib, and the Dana Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, that looks like it's not happening, neither. At this point, it looks like it's the minibus for us. Which, again, will be a significantly smaller price to pay, so yeay for that, and it's not like I really need to see Wadi Mujib, since we'll be staying in Wadi Rum in a couple of days, and as far as nature's wonders go, that's supposed to take the cake in these parts. Karak is one of the crusader castles, and I guess I've seen desert castles before, and maybe I'll be able to hit Dana on my way to Wadi Rum.
But....okay, whining is a hard habit to break...I just really wanted to take the easy way. Is that so bad? Blerg. Well, bad or not, minibus or tour, I'll be in Petra, the rose-red city tomorrow - I haven't decided whether I want to take the cooking class one of the hotels offer tomorrow night or the following - but either way, eat your heart out, and I'll quit my fricking whining, because, really, when you're going to Petra, how bad can it be, right????
Oh, yeah, I forgot to say, um, how lazy are we? This was my thought of the day while I was climbing the stairs in the Roman amphitheater, hearing the really cool acoustics, and considering how many of my nearest and dearest are acrophobic (Belinda, Brucie, my mom, and, unless I'm mistaken, my own Dark Lord and Master even once betrayed a fear of heights...)...birdwalk averted...but seriously, if 1500 years ago people could, without benefit of electricity create a theater that would carry voices to the watching crowds that lasts that long, how retarded and lazy are we? Is there no such thing as craftsmanship anymore? I doubt, even if someone wanted to, we still have the knowledge to create such monuments...we don't have the patience or attention to the right kind of details. And I think that's kind of sad, because if we had to abandon our cities, for one reason or another, how many of our buildings would be left after 1500 years?

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