Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting High

One of the things I found most intriguing about my new school was the national park that is, basically, our back yard. Yesterday was the first time I went hiking there, though - some of the other teachers were going, so I decided to join. Now, I am not the fastest hiker, and in fact, I have found myself wondering in the last few months if I actually like hiking or if I just feel like I should like it (my Swiss mountain goat ancestors talking).
I was questioning this again halfway up this hillside - the boys of our excursion were cruising and the female PE teacher (my next door neighbor) was keeping me company, and I was just more interested in taking pictures (you can't blame me - it's pretty awesome to see everything spread out below)...
So I asked her not to wait for me, that I was planning on making it up to the trees and then heading home. And so I continued huffing and puffing my big butt up, one step at a time. Til I decided to cut across the hill I was on to get closer to this dead tree where these big birds (crows???) were roosting. And once I got there, I looked up, and found myself wondering what was on the other side of the ridge.
So I headed for the saddle, determined that I'd head back after I saw what was on the other side. The problem, of course, was once I'd seen that, I decided I needed to hike a little further, to see what else I might see.
And when I saw how low-lying the clouds were, I just could NOT resist getting closer, so I could have the opportunity to tell my dad that actually, I DID have my head in the clouds.
And so I kept hiking, and hiking, and hiking. I didn't make it as far as my fellow explorers, and they actually caught up to me when we were almost all the way home. And the moral of the story was that actually, I don't particularly like hiking, but I love the view from the top, and if hiking is what it takes to get high, then I'm all for it.

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