Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Night In Greece (11 Oct 2008)

So, it’s my last night in Greece (for now – I’ll be here a couple of days between Egypt and Korea next month), and while I sit here, stuffed on the dolmades and saganaki and stuffed tomatoes – oh my! – that Bronte taught me to make this afternoon, regarding the fake wedding ring I bought to give myself some degree of legitimacy in the Middle East…Belinda doesn’t have this problem…and trying to finish Jitterbug Perfume so I can borrow something else from Bronte’s library, I feel content with this leg of my vacation. It’s been a completely different sort of trip from what I’m used to. I’m living more like a local, not caught up in the frantic “go-and-see” pace that is my tripping trademark. It’s been nice.
HOWEVER...I am definitely ready for the wonders of Istanbul (or Constantinople, as they still call it in Greece...apparently, They Might Be Giants fans, it’s somebody’s business besides the Turks). Tomorrow I’ll get on the train around 9 a.m, and 23 hours later, arrive at Sirkeci station in Sultanahmet. I will be incommunicado until sometime Sunday, but I’ll get online as soon as possible to describe my adventures on the rails (think Hercule Poirot on the Orient Express...and I will deliver, even if I have to make stuff up).

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