Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loo With a View

 Well, what I have for you this weekend is not your typical tourist fare.  I would like to humbly present you with....LOO WITH A VIEW:
This is the bathroom of the bar at the top of the Blue Sky (alternate title for this post: Blue Sky - Smiling At Me).  You're looking at the end of the sink, and the view of Peace Avenue heading west out the window.  Even more impressive is the fact that you've got another one of these windows for a wall of one of the stalls.  You might have to worry about being caught with your pants down if this weren't the second highest floor of the tallest building for - as a colleague of mine was very emphatic about impressing upon us - THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MILES IN ANY DIRECTION!
Someone took one for the team and sold their soul to the owner of our school with the end result that we got a nice happy hour for us at said bar.  It's not a cheap place and apparently they decided they wouldn't give us drink specials, so it wasn't a very long happy hour, but it WAS pretty enjoyable.  If you didn't know, it might surprise you to learn that after a long week of being righteous role models for impressionable young minds, teachers can cut loose with the best of them.  Especially when they work internationally (cause that's where all us black sheep go).
That's me (on the right, if you are a new reader) and my mad scientist buddy, who was inducted into the grub club this week (you can see her chopsticks in one of the photos on my last post).  She's a hoot.  I'm not too bad myself, after I get a couple of cokes in me.
And there's the view of UB to the east.  It's not a very tall town, in an even less tall country, and if you were impressed by the fact that it's the tallest building for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MILES, well, you shouldn't be.  It's only 24 stories high.  I've had friends who lived in apartments higher than that.  However, it does make that menacing, shark-fin shape.  Someone described it as looking like a sailboat when I got here, which I sincerely hope is not what the architect had in mind, because a.) it doesn't make any sense in a landlocked country, and b.) that would make it just another Burj al Arab rip off.  And I would hate that, because I kind of like it.  But I can neither confirm nor deny this based on the short amount of research I just did.  At any rate, this is what it looks like on the outside:

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  1. Bathroom with a glass wall on top of city? How nice? Just love it, ha ha