Thursday, September 13, 2012

On the Midnight Train... (13 Oct 2008)

When I first posted these blogs four years ago (wow - time flies!) I was traveling alone...however, my mom didn't know that. In all these posts from the time I left Greece til when I arrived in Cairo, whenever I mention Belynda, I'm lying. A Vomitous Mess... is actually the first blog she was actually there for. You can tell because after she gets to Cairo I start referring to her piccolo computer, and we butt heads a little from time to time. Anywho, thought you should know.

You know that train that rushes by in the night, blowing its whistle to warn the unwary, disturbing the sleep of the vicinity. I was on that train. I watched the landscape slide by in a blur from the light emanating from the next cabin. It was sorta spooky.
The train ended up being about two hours late getting in (to Istanbul...the shorter one to Thessaloniki was smack dab on the dot on time). It was SO much better than I was expecting. I met two older Australian couples in Thessaloniki that were going to be on my train, and that made me feel a little less sketched, and then it turned out that I had my cabin all to myself. So it was a pretty comfortable ride. I kinda enjoyed seeing things flicker by outside the window out in the moonlight, and I didn't even mind (much) the immigration process, at 3:30 a.m. on the Greek side, and 5 on the Turkish (the Greeks took an hour to finish, adaxi, adaxi...)

So. I'm here. I ate breakfast at McDonald's outside Sirkeci station, and I may never have eaten anything so delicious in my life. Literally. It tasted a lot better and less processed than in Korea (sorry, I don't have much experience with Mickey D's brekke back home...I used to be a strictly Burger King girl). I'm staying at the lovely Side Pension in Sultanahmet, and it's literally right in the middle of everything, and it's really cute. For now, let that suffice. I'm off to explore. I'm meeting up with Belinda later on.

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