Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rockin' Out in Petra (21 Oct 2008)

I'm beginning to wonder if those people who go on vacation to relax aren't on to something. Seriously. Yesterday I spent the hours of 10am-5pm walking around, and today, well, I only walked for 3 hours, but a lot of that was uphill (a lot of yesteday was uphill too, but it seemed more strenuous today, considering the uneven ground and the fact that I wandered around uphill all day yesterday).
Anyways, so I'm in Petra today - yeay!!! What can I tell you? "It's fricking awesome," doesn't begin to cover my awestruck state. There were the towering, windswept walls of the Siq, the mixed odor of donkey, camel, and horse "leavings," the colors strewn through the layers of sandstone, and the bright, unbelievable blue of the desert sky. There was bumping into Carol and Phee, two of the ladies we randomly met at a restaurant and ate dinner with on Saturday...we knew they were going to be here, but c'mon, what are the chances of randomly meeting up with the random foreigners you randomly had dinner with in a different city? There was dinner at the Red Cave - a bedouin restaurant that has restored my faith in restaurants here (don't get me started on how much falafel I've eaten in the last three days), although I'm planning on eating there again tomorrow, just to be safe. And now, as I have been sitting here writing this, there is the wasp that was wandering through my hair...that kind of freaked me out, but all in a day's journeying.
Tomorrow I'm continuing to trek through Petra (I stopped around the royal tombs today and came back...but I saw the Treasury, and, as a consequence got the theme music for Indiana Jones stuck in my head) - second verse, same as the first! - and hopefully taking a cooking course, so I probably won't add anything here until I get to Wadi Rum on Wednesday (this is Monday, right???)

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