Friday, October 5, 2012


Tonight I headed back to the Blue Sky for the second Friday in a row for the big finale of the 6th Annual Giant Steppes of Jazz Festival here in Ulaanbaatar.  I don't think I've seen any jazz since the Tamuz Jazz Trio at Katharos, when I was staying with Bronte last summer, and even if I have, listening to jazz always makes me think of her (she, V, and my Dark Lord took me out to Blue Moon in Apgujeong for my 28th birthday). 

The jazz festival here couldn't beat Katharos for ambience (or Blue Moon, for that matter), but the talent was incredible.  They had musicians from all over the world (except the States, which I found a little irksome since it's OUR art form), and of course some Mongolian musicians, too - not only the ensemble with the horsehead fiddles above (playing Disney music - hello!), but also a couple who sang an original composition in Mongolian...with some English words thrown in on the refrain for coolness...or emphasis (you know, whatever).  There were also a couple of musicians who played jazz flute which made my heart go pit-a-pat (I was a flautist in a past life...)  Anyways, lots of nostalgia, lots of good music, and well worth 35,000 tugrugs.

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