Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grub Club: Sakura

As you may or may not know, Japanese food is not my favorite, so when Engrish chose Sakura (in the most ghetto looking - from the outside - looking Kempinsky Hotel in the world) for this week's grub club, I was not that excited.  However, it has been growing on me, and another friend told me they had good donkatsu (pork cutlet), so I figured it would be just fine.
Sure enough, I ordered the donkatsu...or technically, chicken-katsu, since I read that pork is typically pretty cruelly raised and as yet I haven't been able to convince myself to eat it.  And I DO like Japanese curry, so I got the one that comes with curry.  13,000 tugrugs is pretty steep for fried chicken and curry, and it didn't rock my world (I like my curry as hot as it comes, and this was mild), so probably I should have been a little more adventurous.  Still, not bad.
Engrish went for an udon hotpot, and since we started keeping track (so out of three meals) this was her favorite dish.  Fearless Leader went for udon as well, but his was of the fried vegetarian variety.  They both had sushi as well, and it looked so good when it came out that Mad Science had to order some, as well.  In fact, I think she and Fearless Leader both agreed that it was their favorite part of the meal.  We also learned that our friendly, neighborhood Mad Scientist carries around wasabi and soy sauce for emergencies.  I haven't figured out what kind of emergency would call for soy sauce yet, but I've read the Series of Unfortunate Events and I know how handy wasabi can be!
 Mad Science and Phys Ed both had the same main course - a set menu of...something...with a variety of condiments (I think they meant sides - miso and pickled veggies and whatnot).  It wasn't my cup of tea, but they both seemed to like it.
Speaking of cups of tea, Mad Science and Engrish decided to split the pot pictured above, and enjoyed it a lot.  At the end of the meal, the waitress brought us all a cup of black tea, which was really nice even if you don't drink tea.  The service was really good, and the price wasn't bad (as long as you didn't order the cutlet), and even if the Kempinsky is a little out of the way, it was a good experience, so I'd recommend it...even if I'm hoping to find a teppanyaki place the likes of good ol' Gintei myself.  Til next time~

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