Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grub Club: Bojangles Grill

It's a good week.  I got a foot massage from the place around the corner, and the masseuse was pretty light handed - just like I like it.  The kids have been good, just two weeks til vacation, and somehow I'm almost through our first normal week in a long, long time.  I just got confirmation that Enkhe will be able to drive us to Gaachurt this weekend (also known as, no standing outside the Sansar on the outskirts of UB waiting a half hour in -20 C temps for a bus on Saturday!)  But best of all, most exciting of all, we recently got our Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian New Year) dates confirmed.  We'll have a 4-day weekend halfway into February, and I'm going to Harbin to FINALLY see the Ice and Snow Festival...and Lit mgiht even come with me...and Air Market in town got me a ticket for $300 less than what I found on!  Their price for Chengdu over International Women's Day was the same as Kayak, though, so tonight I went online to book that, and IT had gone down $170!  If getting my phone back last Wednesday was karma for volunteering, I suspect that these were blessings for finally sending my tithing in. 
Last night Fire Marshall did his first turn as Alpha Dog (officially - he's always been Alpha Dog in some of our hearts), and he chose Bojangles Grill.  I already typed this once but blogger just vomited this paragraph all over the place - presumably that's my fault for trying to use an emoticon inside a parenthesis.  Anywho, it's a little out of the way, at least when you're coming from Sukhbaatar Square and it's -20 C outside.  I made strategic shop stops along the way, so I survived, but the heat lamp at Bojangles still felt damn good.  My grubbies were late due to the worst traffic I've seen in a long time.  Fearless Leader didn't actually make it, although, as you can see, he was there in spirit.

(See what I mean about Blogger vomiting?? data-blogger-escaped-was="was" data-blogger-escaped-way="way" data-blogger-escaped-we="we" data-blogger-escaped-weather="weather" data-blogger-escaped-were="were" data-blogger-escaped-when="when" data-blogger-escaped-which="which" data-blogger-escaped-while="while" data-blogger-escaped-worst="worst" data-blogger-escaped-you="you">)
What kind of restaurant Bojangles is trying to be is not entirely clear.  I suspect from the bangers&mash, fish&chips, and various curried things that they're aiming for vaguely British, but they also had more American fare as well as Mongolian and Korean.  Maybe they had an identity crisis?  Whatever the case was, this hidden gem had pretty good food and nice atmosphere, not to mention our waiter (who I'm pretty sure was the owner) was Singaporean and spoke English fluently.
I had the Cajun chicken pasta...and plenty of coke.  Halfway through dinner I needed the loo, and when in doubt, saw the following delightful sign:
I think I used to have this exact image as a sticker in Korea (along with other similarly awesome ones - wishing I'd bought more of them).  If you want to see it in person, follow the street that runs under the Peace Bridge going west.  It's a block past the Nissan dealership on the north side of the street.


  1. Hi Rebecca.

    I can drive you to Gachuurt or everywhere else you want. Just want to practice my english on the way to and from Gachuurt. That is all.

  2. Thanks for the offer, Chinges. I'll let you know if we need you. Hope you are staying warm!

  3. Ok. my phone is 9911-3059. If you need a ride you can give me a call or send a text message. Yes I am staying warm. Thanks. It is not that cold yet. Real cold will start soon. Be prepared!

  4. Oh that bathroom sign it great. Bojangles does not look like the cuisine I'd seek out. Oh, and a foot massage place around the corner. Yes, please!

  5. That was kind of the genius of Grub Club - you actually had to try restaurants that you normally wouldn't go to, because you didn't get to pick every week. I finally broke through my sushi barrier thanks to that exact principle.