Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grub Club: The French Bistro

Tonight was meant to be a historic occasion, a moment which brought us one step closer to global, I mean peace, global peace.  And that would be the Grub Club, bridging the gap between America and North Korea, via Urlag, Ulaanbaatar's own North Korean restaurant.  But they're remodeling, so we went to The French Bistro.  Yes, that is actually its name.  When you get to put "The" in your name, you're pretty special, I guess.
Domestic Goddess (I went back and retroactively changed her name - she brings me baked goods every Monday and it's a much more fitting code name, I think) was very excited to try the escargot.  She was hoping they'd be served in their shells so she could say, "Slippery little suckers!" but alas, they were shell-free.  And delicious, or so I was told - I've had snails, and they are good, but I'd seen the dessert menu so I was holding back.
Some people are civilized and eat salads with their dinners.  And they were spectacular looking salads, I have to say, even if my girls back home have never converted me to their fruit and cheese cult.  But as for me, I went for the chicken fricassee.  Possibly because it sounds cool to say and I don't think I've ever had it before. 
It was served with creme and spinach and had a nice garlicky flavor.  I was a little worried about the creme, in case my lactose intolerance decided it would be fun to ruin my night, but two hours later, all is well.  And let's be honest - when have I ever let a little lactose stand in my way (two words for you: Cheesecake Factory.  Amirite, Evil One?)
I mentioned the dessert menu.  It was a tough choice.  I was tempted by the bananas en flambe (that blue area on the top of the banana is not a trick of the light - it's fire.  Too bad I wasn't faster with my camera.  Domestic Goddess ordered that and let me have a taste of it, in exchange for a taste of mine.  I do love me some cooked banana desserts, but I'm glad this wasn't my actual dessert, because the alcohol didn't all cook out of it.  Instead I got....
CHOCOLATE FONDANT CAKE!  MMmmmmmmmm.  As pretty as it is, these guys have NOTHING on Bene Bene on my old stomping ground, Hongmei Lu.  Not only is Bene Bene more deliciously melty, it's about $5 cheaper.  However, this cake is here, and it was delicious, although definitely pricey - at 14,000 tugrugs, this is quite possibly the most expensive dessert I've ever eaten.  It was a long meal at a nice restaurant, but I'm not sure how often I'll come back.

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