Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grub Club: Thai Express

Before I can even begin to write about our dining experience, I have to tell you about a wonderful Mongolia moment.  I realized, upon sitting down to write this, that I didn't have my phone.  Normally I'm super-ultra-paranoid about it, but I guess I was distracted and didn't put it back in my purse when I finished sending a text with it from within the taxi, a text I was sending to the taxi company to let them know that their cars had not left without us, after all (sometimes it takes a LONG time to get people to leave a restaurant).  This is a new thing for me, but I didn't feel like taking my three-week old cough out onto the street and waiting to flag one down, so I texted a company that I'd heard about, Help Taxi.  Maybe I've had my cough for so long for this exact reason; if we'd been in a car we flagged off the street, there would have been no way to track my phone - and my ID, insurance, and bank cards - down.  I would have had to hope they returned it to the school.  Instead - after a frantic post on our teacher Facebook page and a little help from Engrish - I was able to call the company and they informed me the driver was bringing it back out here to me.  Humd'Allah!  Besides being honest enough to return my phone, they have great service and it seems like their drivers speak a pretty good amount of English - you just text them where you want picked up and where you want to go and they send someone out.  The number is 9965-2371 - call them, they're great!
Now, to the matter at hand.  It is our second Wednesday off in a row here in Mongolia, and I gotta say, I could TOTALLY get used to it!  However, this is an election day, and sobriety is apparently a virtue when you're electing leaders (although I'm sure there are more than a few of my countrymen that felt the need for a drink when our election was over...not the ones who voted for Romney because they were Mormon, of course, but the others, perhaps), so alcohol was bah-kway today.   And that is definitely tea in that teapot.  A special brand of tea called Chinggis.
Thai Express was our chosen venue for the night.  I've been there before and wasn't that impressed - what kind of Thai restaurant doesn't have red curries?!? - but was willing to give it another try.  I avoided the pad thai because I had it before and found it kind of bland, but some of my grubbies enjoyed it.  Instead, I had the "Jade Green Curry with Chicken" which was spicy, and not bad, but it had potatoes in it, potatoes that were not in the description on the menu.  And if you've known me for any length of time at all you probably already know that I HATE potatoes - outside of Peru, I only eat them if they have completely ceased to resemble potatoes.  Mad Science hates waste, so she ate mine for me while she was waiting for her balls.
You can see her first balls (some sort of meat ball fried up in a wrapper), there on the right, and the second course below.  She was kind of disappointed in the second ones - she was hoping they'd have a different flavor, but they were pretty much the same thing, in some broth with some noodles.
Thai Express is in Naran Plaza, a shopping center that has just about the worst location I can imagine.  It's near the center of town, but it's next to the Peace Bridge, and it's hard to get stopped anywhere close to it.  I suggest you do yourself a favor and just go to Bangkok - it's closer to the bus stop and has panaeng curry (mmmmmmmmm....).

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