Friday, November 9, 2012

Grub Club: Veranda

I have to apologize for the hiatus - last week was orphanage week and I've been experiencing technical difficulties with my phone (don't get me started on Samsung - argh!) Grub Club is back, with the addition of two new members - Domestic Goddess and Fire Marshall (you know who you are).  Ironically, this week we went to a restaurant I'd already been to, and it was Domestic Goddess and Fire Marshall who took me there (before our first quiz night).  It's an Italian place right in the middle of town that overlooks Choijin Lama Temple (see Buddhism Debunked) and it's awesome.
First of all, they have, by far, the best-looking pizza I've seen in Mongolia.  Lots of my grubbies ordered salads, and they were all delicious.  The service is super-fast, and while they haven't quite got the knack of bringing all the food at the same time (or in the right order, necessarily) considering our wait at Luna Blanca this was really nice.
I don't drink wine, but my friends do, and they have a nice long wine list - although as Domestic Goddess found out when trying to order a...cabernet sauvignon?  She'll correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure...they don't necessarily have everything on the menu.  "Bah-kway" (or however you spell it) is the dreaded word here - like "Mei-you" in Mandarin or "Eop-se-yo" in Korean, it means, "PSYCH!  We don't have that right now, try again schmuck!"  Unfortunately, that's not as uncommon as I wish it were.
I had the lasagne, yet again.  I'm a sucker for a good lasagne, and this one is made with real beef (as opposed to fake beef - aka, mutton - although you can also get it made with chicken), and it has great flavor.  As you can see from the ashtray that snuck into my photo, they allow smoking, and while they have a non-smoking area, it's not as nice.  Supposedly smoking is supposed to be banned in public in the near future, which would be WONDERFUL - people have started smoking on the buses, I'm guessing because it's getting colder.

At dinner we found out that there were two upcoming holidays that weren't on the school calendar.  We were considering the effectiveness of bribing our Queen with cookies, and even before we could get to school the next day we had gotten an email saying that we'd have the next two Wednesdays off.  Which kind of screws with my sixth and seventh graders, but boy, is it going to make the time fly!  I'm looking forward to getting home for Christmas and seeing my adorable niece and nephew - and maybe the arrival of a new one. 

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