Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grub Club: Venus Cafe (EPIC WIN!)

Although Grub Club doesn't have a charter, we did found it with the purpose of finding and trying new restaurants.  Several of the last few weeks we have failed to live up to our purpose, as we went to restaurants that most of us have been at.  Well, UB is pretty small for a capital city and several of our members are in their second year, but I like a challenge.  I was planning on taking us to Bonito Brazilian BBQ, but apparently they closed.  So I dug through tripadvisor looking for an alternative, and came up with a winner: Venus Cafe, highly rated home of Malaysian cuisine.
Three people didn't make it that night, and I tried to replace them with "special guests" but only Five ended up coming.  Which was good, because she and I were there alone for an hour, appreciating the smell of the food we WEREN'T eating, our private party room and its really cool silverware.
Note the nice heat lamp that the owner brought into the party room to warm us up.  It felt SOOO nice, especially when Engrish and PE arrived from their two-hour bus ride.  Apparently the new bridge is out (again) and that's been responsible for the bad traffic, although part of their problem was that they got on the wrong bus.  Four buses run up into Zaisan, and they got on the ONE that doesn't take them where they need to go.  Oops.  Also - check out the badass bowling pin coat rack.
Forgive me for forgetting to take food pics when the food looked nice and untouched - I was so overwhelmed by its arrival that I just lost control.  The curry puffs, in front there, were the first thing Five and I ordered - five of those bad boys for 4000 tugrugs and every bite deeeeeee-lishous!  Venus Cafe advertises themselves as having the best roti in UB and I can't complain, but then, everything was great.
The fried rice was my favorite though.  That plate in the back was sambal chicken fried rice and it was AMAZING!  PE had the beef fried rice as a starter, and we all devoured it.  The noodles were good, but could NOT compare with the fried rice, especially not the sambal chicken.  It had this delectable spiciness that...there just aren't words for it.  We tried the murtabak, too (above, left, with the sauce in the bowl) and that was good, too, but once I'd tasted the sambal chicken fried rice there was no going back to it.
This one's specifically for Five - normally we are a child-free group, but since Fire Marshall and Domestic Goddess were so late (basketball on top of the traffic) and we were a smaller group, anyways, we told them to bring their kid while they were at it.  Their kid who said when he leaves Mongolia he will miss their driver (Enkhe), Five, and a new friend at school.  But not me.  Ungrateful snot-nosed brat!


  1. Oh sad about no kids at Grub Club. Is it fairly easy (or does it appear to be) to arrange babysitters? I'm hoping to get a regular one in the area (Zaisan).

    1. I'm not sure about the babysitters - PE seemed to have a hard time finding daycare for her daughter - but the no kids thing wasn't really a hard-and-fast rule. PE brought hers when she was able to come, and The Kid joined us a few more times throughout the year...he was like our junior member.