Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mongolian Moments

I don't have anything better to write about this week (that I'm not saving for later, anyways), so I thought I'd share some Mongolian moments with you.  We've got two weeks (ten school days) left til Christmas, and even though the year has flown by thus far, it seems like a long time til then. 
For starters, a bunch of us went out for Chinese last Friday night.  It is kind of comforting to know that Chinglish is Chinglish, even in Mongolia.  I had to take lots of pictures of the menu because there were SO many mistakes, and I've kind of gotten used to having a menu that is mostly translated correctly. 
After the first couple of dishes came out, we lost power.  Strangely enough, it was just the block of shops we were in - across the street and in the apartments behind us, the lights were still on.  Even stranger, they kept serving us our food.  Maybe this happens often enough that they are prepared to carry on, with or without lights.
And then there's the bus after school.  Mostly, if we want to go in on a weeknight, we just take the 4:30 school bus, but a couple of times now, time has been of the essence, and I've taken one of the public buses instead.  The time before I didn't have my camera, and this time wasn't nearly as crowded, but there's a university up on the hill with us, which lets out at about the same time we do, so you start feeling like a sardine after the second or third stop.
And finally, there's the first of the month.  Some of my fellow volunteers were wanting a bottle of wine last night, and were about to go looking for it after coming back from the orphanage, but then we remembered it was the first of the month.  In an attempt to ease the use of alcohol, nobody (shops, restaurants, or bars) can sell booze on the first of each month.  I've heard they want to extend this to other days, possibly by district, but for now, it's only on the first of the month that the booze section is roped off. 

What else can I tell you?  It's cold and I fell down for the first time in a long, long time yesterday, due to the fact that the bank I went into didn't mop down their stairs with any regularity.  I have some nasty bruises and a shoulder that hurts from catching myself, but it could have been worse.  Anyways, stay'll probably be warmer than me regardless of what you do!

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