Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grub Club: New Orleans Cafe (epic fail)

Well, this is what the grub club is all about.  Trying new things.  It is a fact of life that, when trying new things, at some point you're gonna fail.  This was one of those times.  In fact, I suspect Fearless Leader may have chosen New Orleans Cafe so that we could get that over with.  Nonetheless, it wasn't exactly pleasant - failing rarely is.
Sometimes you can just tell from a menu that it's going to be a trial.  Don't get me wrong, the food looks alright, but looking through the menu I didn't find anything that I REALLY wanted.  This was Engrish's New Orleans chicken.  It was pretty much indistinguishable from my cheese-coated chicken, except mine came with french fries instead of mashed potatoes (thank goodness!) 
Domestic Goddess made the best selection by far with her pizza.  I was scared off because they offered tuna pizza on the menu.  In my opinion, any place that offers tuna pizza can't be trusted, but they proved me wrong.  It had a nice flavor and a delicious crust, kinda flaky and chewy.  She failed on the drink selection, though - in the lower right hand side of the photo you'll notice her "martini."  They had a beautiful bar, but not much in the way of wine.  The waitress suggested a martini, and the above was what they brought her.  Admittedly the lemon was NOT their idea - Domestic Goddess added that herself, as an attempt to make it taste better.
Fearless Leader, who is a vegetarian most of the time, ordered "chili."  He was looking forward to a nice thick stew chock-full of beans.  Instead he got a thin soup with all the chunks of beef pictured above.  There were a few vegetables in it as well - mostly onions and carrots.  He also ordered a second dish, which never came, and the only dish Lit ordered never came, either - she had to steal a piece of Domestic Goddess' pizza so she didn't starve.
Fire Marshall was pretty happy with his pork, and took half of it home for lunch.  Unfortunately, I don't think he finished it because he felt sick later that night.  All in all it was a bust for us, but with Korean on the horizon for this Wednesday, this promises to be a better week.

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