Sunday, February 17, 2013

...Arctic Visits YOU!

Originally the last post was going to involve the aquarium as well.  I got halfway through it and decided I'd go ahead and make it two posts.
Harbin Polarland was not originally on my list.  I figured I had some extra time, though, and the posters advertising it made it look cool.  Although I've seen most of these animals in Omaha at the Doorly Zoo, I've never had pictures this good - oh, the difference a good camera makes!
The polar bears were hypnotic to watch.  They were swimming around and around their tank, and I loved how their fur swirled in the water.  Back when I had long hair I liked to watch my own hair swirl in the water - maybe that's a thing for me.  Whatever.  They were way cool.
They had arctic foxes (not ones you could pay to pose with, though), but I was fascinated by their wolves.  They were gorgeous.  One thing I've taken away from this trip is the knowledge that I will never own a fur coat.  I know it would be super warm, but unless the fur comes from an animal that is used for meat, I don't think I could bring myself to wear it.  It's such a waste of a beautiful life.
The seal and sea lion show is one of the aquarium's big attractions.  Parts of it were funny, but I've seen a seal or two in my life, and the narration was totally in Chinese, so I wasn't that impressed with it.  There was one part where the seal squirted water at the audience, though, which made me really glad I wasn't seated in the middle section.  I don't think my camera would have been too happy getting soaked - I sure wouldn't have been, especially since I was planning to go see the snow sculptures afterwards.

The stars of Polarland are their beluga whales.  They do an act to "My Heart Will Go On," called - get this - "Heart of Ocean" (copyright infringement much???)  The big finale involves the whales and divers smooching with their bodies creating a heart (I didn't get a good picture of that - it was really crowded), but the part that really amused me was when one of the whales got a little too...excited.  His diver (yep, his - you figure these things out pretty quickly under such circumstances) had to take him to the side of the tank to calm down before the little kids started asking their parents what that was?  I figured it served the diver right - you play romantic music, you lock lips with can't just lead a whale on like that.  Anyways, the animals were cool and it was a nice way to come in out of the cold before hitting up the snow sculptures.

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