Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grub Club: American Burgers & Fries

Lit was supposed to be our Alpha tonight, but Fire Marshall usurped the honor.  Why?  Well, Domestic Goddess was out of town, and "that means it is my turn to 'cook.'  (Their spawn) knows that means days of leftover pizza."  Which is apparently one of the things his choice serves, although from the name American Burgers & Fries you wouldn't guess it.
Well, their milkshake brings all the teachers to the yard, and sadly enough, I'd felt a little peckish and already had one last night before dinner at Millie's.  To which I was like, "It's better than yours."  Damn right, AB&F's was better than theirs.  I know, because I saw the one PE ordered and I decided that I needed to try it.  Heck, I'd finished my one allotted soda for the night - I had to drink something.
Being in a place famous for their burgers and fries, we almost all had to try them.  I was not unduly impressed.  The meat was dry and the bun was cold AND dry.  This may have been my fault, because I guess you can specify how you want your burger done - default option being VERY well done.  The fries were really nice, though, and the onion rings, which Engrish ordered, weren't bad.
Mad Science went in for the pizza, which she could NOT, of course, finish.  When she asked for a box, they brought her a paper bag.  Guess it could be worse - it gets the job done, right?  Anyways, it was a far cry from my favorite burger joint in Shanghai, Johnny Moo (where they mixed cherry coke for me, gave me free refills, and had a nice basic burger - all for around $10), but if you'd like to give it a try, just walk north from the State Department Store (on the east side) for about two blocks.  It's on the left and says, "AB&F" on the sign.

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