Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grub Club: Ceylonta

This week's grub club was a bit of a trial for me.  My legs are still a little freezer burned, and walking around looking for a place doesn't help much.  It was supposedly -15C when I checked the temperature at Ti Amo on Seoul Street before walking to where I thought the restaurant was, but I was still in need of a good thaw out when I got to Ceylonta (and not just because I was's really embarrassing for me to get lost, and infuriating when it's not my fault).  It wasn't Five's fault; it was her first time as Alpha Dog and she took her duties seriously, sending out a link to a good map and decent directions.  I had been hoping she would choose Ceylonta when I sent her Places Mongolia website, and I thought I knew where it was.

I didn't.
It's funny to be writing this now, after just finishing the leftovers from Wednesday night (they were so good that I was willing to eat them, even though they'd been in the refrigerator for two days).  The rice in the picture above was one of Five's picks (we were all eating off of each other's plates) and, in my opinion, probably the most delicious thing on the table.  She was pretty sure she'd be happy with the restaurant, since the pictures she tracked down showed rice, and that's a must if you want your Filipina friend to be happy.
My choice was the chicken kottu - a dish of noodles, chicken and vegetables.  It was quite tasty (although not in the same league as that rice!); spicy, but not overwhelming.  There were also enough vegetables in it to make me feel like I was eating healthy (whether or not I actually was!)
Then there was the devil chicken.  Five and Geek both gave it a try.  I snagged a bite of Five's, and I must say that it was diabolically deee-lish!
The best part of all - probably the best dessert in UB - was their hot bananas with cinnamon.  Damned if I don't love me some hot bananas!  I will admit that this photo doesn't make it look too appetizing, and to be honest, it's not the photo's fault.  This is really what it looks like.  But - OHMYGOSH, the taste!  It was absolutely divine!  Anyways, if you want to go to Ceylonta and you DON'T want to freeze as you wander around looking for it, this is the simple way to do it.  Start at the Natural History Museum (the one with the dinosaurs).  Cross over to the east side of the street.  Start walking north.  It will be just before you hit the second block, very close to Metro Mall (another mall in UB?  Who knew?)

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