Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shadows and Light

Well, after nearly a week's hiatus I've reached the end of my Harbin blogs.   There's a limit to how much I can blog when I'm not in the moment, and I reached it.  But the ice sculptures at Zhaolin Park were my favorite part of the festival, and I wanted to share them, so here I am.  It's Sunday and I've ditched church for reasons I won't go into (because it's a little embarrassing) and only got out of my pajamas because I needed to go retrieve my walking clothes from the school so I could wash them.  Total lazy slothfulness.  Gotta love it!

Like I said, Zhaolin Park was better for taking "artistic shots," because of their size and how they were arranged in the park.  The park itself lent a lot of atmosphere...walking in the dark, between the trees, lit by the glow coming off the ice...
If I was a better writer, I'd write a story about this land, sunk in darkness, lit by ice lanterns.  I'd include the pagoda below, because, you know, it looks pretty sweet, and stood out amongst the darkness and shadows with its glow. 
Honestly, I almost didn't go to Zhaolin Park.  I'm glad I did, but the only reason I did was the fact that it was literally a five minute walk from my hotel.  At 7 o'clock, coming back from my last visit to Macca's, I decided that it was my last night in Harbin and I still had money to spend, so I didn't want to just sit in my hotel room and read.  Since Zhaolin Park was so close, it became my destination - it's hard not to love a part of the festival that is so close that if you start feeling freezer burned you can be back in your hotel really quickly.  Somebody reviewed it on tripadvisor and wasn't that impressed - I'm glad I didn't listen to them in the end.  No, the sculptures don't have the scale that they do at Ice and Snow World, but they made up for it in atmosphere.  And they were way cheaper.

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