Monday, February 18, 2013

Sun and Snow

I am beginning this post while attempting to eat dinner.  Normally I don't have any problem eating dinner, but then again, normally I don't "diet."  I made an exception for this one because it was fairly easy (3 days on, 4 days off, then repeat if you like), seemed pretty balanced (ie, doesn't let you eat any damn thing you like as long as you don't touch carbs), and is mostly comprised of things I like to eat.  I don't like broccoli, but I didn't like any of their alternatives much better, so I'm attempting to choke down the last sprig of the cup I was supposed to eat.

One cup of broccoli is a lot more flowers than I generally eat in a given day.  But I finished them.  I kinda felt like I had to after scarfing down a bunch of peanut butter cups after school (not included in the diet, but I had a killer headache, and damned if the junk food didn't make me feel better).
So, now that I've gotten that out of the way, the topic for today in the blog-a-thon is the snow sculptures at Sun Island.  As I mentioned, they were Domestic Goddess' favorite part of the festival, and I have to admit, it's a great location - beautiful trees, the glowing light of sunset (because I didn't quite time it as well as I wanted), blue skies.  Picture perfect.
Also lovely was the contrast of bright red accents against the white snow and blue skies.  Made me feel all patriotic...for China during Lunar New Year.  Seriously, though, I loved the contrast - I hope the red accents are up for the whole festival, because otherwise those schmucks who came early in January are missing out big time.
In fact, unlike some parts of the Snow and Ice Festival, you really got the feel for China here.  While a lot of the sculptures had nothing to do with China, it IS a good use of space, and a lot of the sculptures, such as the feng-huang (phoenixes) below were accompanied by sculptures that complemented them brilliantly.

Like I said, though, not all of the sculptures had anything to do with China.  I was especially delighted to see my friends from Easter Island.  I thought the sculptors did an especially nice job on the nose of the one in the middle - I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact nose on a Rapa Nui native.  Trust me - I know my noses.
All in all, the snow sculptures on Sun Island were amazing - not my favorite (that's still to come), but pretty remarkable.  The snow castles (not pictured here - you'll have to check out my facebook photos for that) beat the hell out of the snow forts Shaggy and I made growing up, and the amount of detail they put into these things was amazing.  On the other hand, they didn't have a snow queen, and if they did, the Princess' snow queen would take her in a fight, cause that woman was one scary bitch!  Glad to know my artistic genes won't die out if I never have kids.

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