Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grub Club: Khajuraho

I go through a lot of newspaper in art class, and sometimes this is a good thing.  Back in November I was laying out newspaper, intent on keeping my tables clean, and as I scanned its content (the Shanghai Daily taught me this is a good idea - there was more than one time I almost gave my primary students newspaper with sexually explicit material on it) I saw the name "Khajuraho."  For some people this wouldn't catch their eye, but three years ago I'd been there with the Evil One, and aside from being one of my favorite days spent in India, this raised my newspaper spidey sense, because the temple group in Khajuraho is famous for its erotic sculpture.  The examples in the photo on the left are not even the best ones I have.

Well, I read the article, and ended up using the newspaper, because it had nothing to do with the so-called "Kama Sutra in Stone."  Instead, I made a mental note to take everyone there for grub club in the future, because Khajuraho turned out to be an Indian restaurant in UB - part of a chain that also has restaurants in Beijing, Moscow, and Ural.  Also known as my new favorite restaurant.
Where do I begin?  They have a naan assortment.  When Lit and Mad Science decided to share it, our waiter warned them that it's enough to feed five people.  They assured him they wanted leftovers.  Even so, it was a LOT of bread.
They have an assorted tandoori assortment, too.  This was another of Mad Science's picks.  It was a freaking ton of meat.  It also included some veggies and paneer (cottage cheese), which I was REALLY happy to see an assortment of on the menu.
The Indian restaurants here in UB tend to have only one, maybe two paneer dishes on the menu.  Khajuraho had at least six (including the grilled paneer tikka).  I went for the paneer makhani, since Fearless Leader ordered the paneer tikka masala.  I should've ordered what he had - the makhani was not as spicy as I would have liked.  But maybe that was because the chef was afraid of damaging our delicate Western palates...
The decor in Khajuraho was as good as the food.  Fearless Leader complained about the seats being too hard, but nobody else had that problem.  Although they didn't feature any of the erotic sculpture, per se - although they did have sandstone sculptures in the style of the Khahurajo temple group - it was tastefully done while emphasizing that this was an Indian restaurant.  The worst thing about Khajuraho is that, like the city, it's a little out of the way.  You'll need to go east on Peace Avenue, passing the Russian Orthodox church (you can't miss the golden onion domes).  It's half a block past the church.  If you get to the roundabout, you've gone too far.  You can take bus 27 from in front of the Blue Sky Tower and it will drop you off right in front of the restaurant.

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