Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grub Club: Nagomi

It's a good thing that sushi is my new favorite thing, because Mad Science picked it for our latest grub club adventure.  There is - as far as I know - one kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) place in UB, and Nagomi is that place.

If you've never had kaitenzushi before, each plate has a couple of pieces on it, and whatever you want, you just grab off the train.  Or if you wait too long to make up your mind, you can ask your friends to grab it for you...or hope it comes around again.  The plates are color-coded according to their price, and at the end, the waitress just adds up the values of all your plates.  I don't know how much I care for conveyor belts delivering our food, but there was one great thing about it.  We didn't have to wait long for our food, which is a constant problem with grub club.  That meant we had the time to visit Five's favorite place - Ti-Amo, conveniently located right across the street - for ice cream.
At first I was not impressed.  They didn't have the variety that I loved about Sho - or the cute, Cali-trained sushi chef (owner???) who came over and talked to me and Five when I dragged her there last Saturday after visiting the orphanage (we were also offered free wine, and then beer on that visit - I've never felt so bad about having to decline a drink before!)  But there is something nice about getting to see your choices before you make them, and all the dishes that we took off the train were really fresh.
I had a couple of different things - their kappa maki (cucumber rolls) were good and the egg thing, pictured above, was really nice.  They also had inari sushi - rice stuffed in sweet, fried tofu wrappers - and that was delicious.
However, most of their plates consisted of your classic sushi - a slice of raw fish on a gob of rice.  This one was spotted...something.  I didn't have that one - I stuck mostly to salmon - but Mad Science and Fearless Leader made it their goal to try everything.  And if you can't tell by their stack of plates, they very nearly succeeded.
Nagomi is on Seoul Street, the first block east of the circus, on the north side inside the Khan Bank building.

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