Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grub Club: Vikas

Tonight Engrish was going to take us to the North Korean restaurant.  PE even "arranged" for her daughter to be sick, because she's totally afraid of North Koreans.  Well, she hasn't dodged that bullet yet, because when we showed up, the restaurant there wasn't North Korean.  Apparently it had moved.  After a quick consultation, we decided to go try Vikas, an Italian restaurant next door to Ceylonta that had caught our eye.
As far as Italian food goes, it was not the best meal I've ever had.  Or maybe not the most authentic is a more apt description, because the food was actually great.  I started with the bruschetta, which came with a little bit of salad, and it was excellent.  Domestic Goddess tried the "Greek" salad, which had feta and olives but otherwise didn't resemble a Greek salad at all - no olive oil or balsamic, and lots of lettuce.  Delicious, but not Greek, and, for that matter, not Italian.
 I was torn over several dishes, and ended up having the "Tour of Italy," as did Five.  It included chicken parmesan, alfredo, and lasagna.  Each bite was more scrumptious than the last, but the lasagna was the best of all.  It had a more herb-a-riffic flavor than the lasagna at Veranda.
Domestic Goddess went for some sort of chicken thing - pollo vikas, they called it.  She said it was good, but again, not particularly Italian.
To take home to their son, instead of the dog she'd promised him (and I mean dog to eat, not to play with...we were supposed to be eating North Korean, after all, and he said he was going to start trying more things) she ordered the carbonara (a fact which, I'm sure, relieved him).  She was kind enough to let me try a few bites of it, and it was nice, although it was definitely NOT the rigatoni carbonara at Bene Bene in Shanghai - yum, yum, yum).  I also ordered the cheesecake, and this was a great decision on my part, even if I do say so myself.  After the cinnamon banana thing I had at Ceylonta, this might be my favorite dessert in UB.  It was that good.
Tonight is, FYI, a hard night.  It is with truly heavy hearts that we are sending off our very own some time in the near future (she was actually supposed to leave tonight, but we were lucky enough that her flight got cancelled - not sure yet how much longer we have her - ie, when she will be rescheduled).  I haven't mentioned it before, but our school is cursed.  We've had family deaths, divorce, and cancer, and now Lit is amongst those the curse has struck.  She's leaving for medical treatment, and may not be back.  And I am NOT okay with her leaving - I've kind of been a mess over the last few days.  She is an inspiration to me, as she has faced some bad shit with humor and hope, and she's leaving a huge hole in our world.

She got us tonight's taxi ride free.  A guy pulled over to drive us home and the five of us piled in, and no sooner were we in than she and Geek commented that once they've had their boob jobs four grown women won't fit in the back of a car anymore.  The driver laughed, but didn't say anything, so I assumed he was laughing at all the crazy foreigners wedged into the back of his car like the bunch of clowns that we totally are.  And so we continued to talk about all sorts of things that we won't talk about in front of an English speaking driver.  He turned on his blinker before we told him to stop at the gate - he might have guessed that one - but before we could ask him how much he told us not to worry about it, it was free.  He was a cutie, too, with a nice voice.  It made tonight a little easier.

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