Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grub Club: Le Triskell

Last night Fearless Leader chose Le Triskell for this week's grub club, a creperie that Five has previously tried to talk me into but I've never gone for.  I've eaten crepes before - in Paris, no less - and I just wasn't convinced that they make much of a meal.  However, in the history of Grub Club, I've only missed one dinner, and as I've already had one good experience with the French this week, I figured it was a Sign. 

I imagined all the food was going to be crepes, and I couldn't have been more wrong.  Domestic Goddess, being on a quest to eat her way through the animal kingdom, decided to try the rabbit.  I can't imagine where they found a rabbit in Mongolia, but the waitress assured us that it was local.  Go figure.  The phrase, "It tastes like chicken," was used, as well as the phrase, "Gamey chicken."  I'm pretty sure I've eaten rabbit before, what with growing up with Shaggy, so I let her and Five keep it all to themselves.

It is possible that crepes do not make much of a meal.  We wouldn't know.  If you've wondered why bread is called the staff of life, you've obviously never eaten French bread.  Our server brought out a couple of these baskets of sliced baguettes, still warm, complete with butter, and we devoured them like a plague of locusts.  And asked for refills.  Twice.  Note: refills aren't free.  Also note: we were all happy to pay.

I chose savory crepes for myself, the "complete" which included egg, ham, and cheese.  It was delicious.  It also came with a bit of salad, which was also yummy, but not as yummy as the french fries that came with whatever it was that Geek ordered.  I could've stolen all her fries and not regretted it for a second.

However, dessert was the best.  Domestic Goddess wanted a sampler platter, and some genius (me!) suggested everybody order a different one, and then just pass them around.  The same genius knew what she wanted and didn't want to share, and I'm pretty sure as people were eating the crepe Five ordered (also what I was having) she was wishing she'd done the same.  Most of the club agreed that ours - the "Triskell" which had caramel and ice cream - was the best, although there were a couple of dissenters in favor of the caramel and salted butter.

Le Triskell is north of Sukhbaatar Square, if you take the street running along the east side (the ballet side).  It's on the left as you go north, less than a block past the French Bistro.

OH, and I just realized that I forgot to tell you one of the most amazing things about them, and had to edit this - the owner saw us standing outside to hail taxis, and offered us his driver to get us back to Zaisan.  How awesome is that?

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