Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thai Fighter

This is not a Grub Club post, but it IS about food.  Unfortunately it isn't my week to pick, and even if it were, the Thai food event at Kempinski started after last week's dinner and before this week's.  Also, I'm not sure how many of my Grubbies would have sprung for a 45,000 tugrug buffet.
This seems to have been an unforeseen benefit of the Community of Democracies meeting.  The Thai prime minister and a bunch of business representatives (or cronies, as I would prefer to call them, whether accurately or not) were in town for it, and Thai food week was the result.
I don't really consider myself a foodie, in spite of all the Grub Club posts this year.  I like spicy food that satisfies.  I will put up with expensive restaurants with minimalist decor for the sake of my loved ones, but it's not really my thing.  But even an unrefined palate such as mine appreciated the food tonight.  After months of eating at Bangkok, which is the best Thai place in town but nowhere near the best I've had, I was in heaven.  Everything was so rich and flavorful and fresh.  They included a drink in the price, and dessert as well; I chose the slice of pumpkin with coconut cream.  I have no idea how something so simple could be so delicious but it was. 

Also, well staged, Kempinski.  They held the event in their Kharakorum restaurant (named after Chinggis' capital), and the decorations (which I assume are the normal ones, being Mongolian in nature) went really well with Thai - the walls are painted bright red with lots of gold accents.

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