Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grub Club: Korchma

 Five claims she's bowing out of Grub Club.  I'm going to talk some smack right now and attempt to convince her she needs to keep coming.  How, you might ask?  Well, Korchma was her final pick for the year, and I think it's a crappy way to go out.

Don't get me wrong.  It was a sweet little restaurant, and the food was decent.  But the service was really slow and we were not our normally raucous selves.  And you can't let yourself go out on that sort of note.

Also, the kinds of cute shit that Domestic Goddess does on a weekly basis at these things is solid gold.  She could charm the pants right off our waiters (and occasionally we wish she would).
I have had reservations about former Russian bloc countries and their cuisine since the days when Socrates would try to convince me of how much I would love living in Ukraine.  I mean, me, the Queen of Spice.  I have never heard ANYONE rant about how wonderful Russian food is, and I imagined (rightfully) that Ukrainian food would be cut from the same cloth.  Cabbage and potatoes?  Not unless it's kimchi or French fries (okay, or Peruvian potatoes of any kind, thanks to the Evil One - who, on a very vaguely tangential side note was responsible for me spending 100-some kuai on ceviche - that sucked - at the Peace Hotel...I knew it was probably going to suck, but what I had with her in Peru was SOOOOOO good that I was willing to give it a shot).  It was, however, not as terrible as I was afraid it would be.  I ended up ordering the chicken Kiev for my main, and it was pretty good (sides of cabbage and potatoes - which my fellow grubbies liked alright - notwithstanding).

When Lit packed it up to head back to the states, she left behind a poor, defenseless science teacher.  We have been concerned for his welfare, without her here to take care of him, so somebody - I suspect Mad Science, like it's some sort of show of scientific solidarity - invited him along tonight.  I think he was a little overwhelmed by how we operate, as well as by the stack of cokes we put away.  This week's Grub Club fell on the dreaded first - the day of no drinks.  Fire Marshall was particularly sad, since Korchma actually had GEM draft on tap.  The dry night didn't particularly affect me, except for the fact that my friends are a little more tame on such nights - it was hard for Five to scrape together a couple of quotes.
There were several different kinds of "damplings" on the menu, and I originally ordered the cheese ones, which were sweeter than I was expecting, and I only ate one.  Domestic Goddess offered to take my cheese ones so I could order the cherry ones that suddenly sounded like a much better idea, and that's what happened, although the cherries only got to us RIGHT before we left.  The blend of flavors, cherry with sour cream, was so exquisite that I nearly forgot to take a photo of them.  I passed them around, but most people had already popped their complimentary stick of gum in their mouth, and as a result, I got to eat a few more than I would have if they'd gotten there on time - win!

And speaking of not being there on time, I ended up averaging the scores of the last couple of rounds of restaurants while we were waiting for Fire Marshall.  Turns out that Fearless Leader didn't even come close to grabbing the title with Le fact, Five's Ceylonta beat him by a tenth of a point.  But do you know who DID unseat Domestic Goddess and Caucasia?  Myself, with Khajuraho, again by a tenth of a point.  AND it was a clean win, since the waiter didn't bring us free beers to skew the mark.  It was a huge upset, and one that I was particularly proud of.  I'm up again in three weeks, but I haven't the vaguest idea of where I'll take us - if anyone out there reading this has any ideas, I'm open to suggestion.


  1. I have a suggestion. PIZZA BIG near IKH DELGUUR= BIG NOMIN. It is across the street CAFE AMSTERDAM. The pizza is the best in UB. They only serve pizza and some sandwiches though.

  2. Thanks, Chinges - I haven't been there yet. I think I've got my next restaurant figured out now, but I may have to try it on a non-Grub night.

  3. Great. Please, take me with you on your non-grub night to the pizza place. lol.