Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grub Club: The Moose

I am inconsolable this week.  I was hoping that this weekend we were going to be able to take part in a great Mongolian tradition...Castration eating a big bowl of testicle stew.  I am not being facetious.  To my mind, there couldn't be a cultural tradition that screamed quite so loudly I AM IN MONGOLIA!!!  But, alas, we got the wrong date.  We were told it would be Sunday, but Enkhe's friends are doing it on Monday, and what do you think is the likelihood of our boss letting us off to go eat fresh testicles???  Not very likely.  Enkhe said his friends would freeze some for us, but I have a feeling testicle stew is best served fresh.  So I guess this is one of those things that must wait til next year (and next year, I will be sure to figure out which lama picks this date, and bribe him to call it on a Saturday)!
Yesterday was Geek's second choice, and she did a pretty great job, scraping up an 8.6 in ratings with The Moose.  This was a restaurant that Engrish almost chose in the last go-round, so she was glad that Geek picked it (until it got such high ratings, anyways).  One of my sixth grader's parent's owns it, so we were intrigued, and by the time our little whitey parade (plus one yellow-not-black-sheep) had wended its way down from Zaisan, we'd worked up quite the appetite.
Domestic Goddess and her Spawn started with the cheesy garlic bread, which was dee-lish (I know, as I snagged a piece).  Engrish and PE are back to sharing their food, and they picked this Caesar salad.  Caesar salad was always my favorite kind of salad (probably because it is just about as unhealthy as a salad can be - salads aren't really supposed to have more cheese than lettuce, are they???), and after one bite of theirs I decided I would save most of my main course for today's lunch, and order a Caesar instead.
The Moose has all sorts of American food options.  Domestic Goddess and Spawn each had an order of chicken wings, which everyone agreed were pretty tasty.
Whereas Geek got the burritos for her main.  She seemed to like them well enough, but Domestic Goddess wouldn't finish the bite that she shared.  I'm not sure what possessed them to serve french fries with them, but this was probably a warning.  I have learned two truths in my years, that it is almost impossible for anyone to screw up Italian food.  Two, that it is almost impossible for anyone outside the Americas to get Mexican food right.  This is not an American superiority moment - I've had "Mexican" everywhere from England (thanks to Socrates) to Japan, and it is almost always a disappointment.  So do yourself a favor and skip the burritos.
Domestic Goddess also had the Chef salad (you should know, if you haven't figured it out already, that she usually takes most of the food she orders home - this time for Fire Marshall, since he was playing darts at the Steppe Inne last night).  While a salad that has more cheese than veggies on it is just fine in my book, a salad with more meat than veggies is just...well, she liked it, and that's what matters.  If you're into that sort of thing, I'm sure you would like it, too.
And finally, here's my main, the Philly Cheesesteak (which I heated up in my oven while uploading these pictures), complete with my beverage of choice, Coke.  And as I was lining up my shot, I suddenly found myself wondering how one goes about getting a sponsor for one's blog.  I do an awful lot of coke drinking in these things, and it seems to me that the Coca-Cola company should be giving me a kickback for all this free advertising I do for them.  As for the cheesesteak, it wasn't bad, but it was a little tough.

The Moose is in the former location of American Ger'll (it may be the same ownership too - I never went to American Ger'll, so I don't know).  It has nice ambiance, but a really crappy location, just before the Peace Bridge as you're heading into town.  You have to get off the bus next to the stadium, cross the street, and walk up to the foot of the bridge, or from town, take the first stop after the bridge and walk backwards.  Or just walk all the way there.  It's kind of an in-between spot.  And with that, it's time to do some laundry so I can get ready to head off to the countryside after school tomorrow.

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