Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grub Club: Rio Grande Lounge

I still haven't thought up a code name for our wayward science teacher.  I guess it doesn't matter too much, since he is leaving at the end of the year and will not figure largely in next years' posts, but he was grub club's Alpha Dog tonight, and I feel like I should call him something.  Hmph.  Anyways, whatever you want to call him, don't call him late for supper, because he was tonight's alpha, and proved to us that there IS good food on the Hill.

At the foot of Zaisan is a fancy-schmancy apartment complex called Bella Vista.  They've got a health club with a pool, and a beauty salon that's supposed to be nice, but honestly, give me gritty Mongolia most any day.  However, being introduced to their Rio Grande Lounge was a bit of a windfall...there are honestly not very many restaurants very close to the school (the Irish Castle has a great view but the food sucks - I can make just about anything they can, but better - I've never tried Cozy Nomads or the Zaisan Lounge, although since trying the Shashlik House I may be visiting the latter soon, and our new Chinese place, the Golden 'Ragon - inside joke - got old after going three times in one week).

I went for the chicken and mushroom pasta, and it was great.  Lots of parmesan cheese and a nice amount of herbs and spices to give it a good flavor.  It WAS expensive, though - 18,000 tugrugs!  That's what you get for eating at the restaurant in the hoity-toity apartments.
Mad Science loves her meat, and went for the beef medallion entree.  It looked delicious, but I was too busy enjoying my pasta (and drinking my third coke of the day - WATCH OUT!) to try it.
Engrish and PE, share-sies for life (or the rest of the school year, anyways) now that Five is out of the equation, had a bunch of stuff.  Their pasta didn't look as delicious as mine, so I'm showing you their soup instead.  I can't remember what kind it was.  Maybe pumpkin.  There was a lot of pumpkin on the menu.  They liked it.
However, they did not nose-dive into it, like Geek did with her Mexican Pizza.  Let me again stress that eating anything "Mexican" outside of the Americas is going to be disappointing.  In Korea, it meant Rio Grande Lounge, it apparently means that you'll get peppers on it.  With a name like "Rio Grande," you might hope for some Tex-Mex (for those non-Americans, the Rio Grande is the river separating Mexico from Texas).  Sadly, this was not the case.  But the pizzas were good, if given to having weird toppings (sorry, Asia...shrimp does not belong on a pizza.  Corn does not belong on a pizza.  And sweet potatoes definitely DO NOT GO IN PIZZA CRUST!!!)  And the setting was nice - Bella Vista is on the edge of the Tuul River, and from the restaurant most of what you can see is trees.  It's gorgeous.  If you want to make it there and check it out, head to the golden Buddha next to Zaisan, and walk south across the street.  Follow the signs for the health club - the Rio Grande is in B1 next to the gym.


  1. Your writing makes me feel like I'm still there, which is reassuring in a bizarre kind of way!

  2. We wish you were still here! Actually I was talking to one of my 8th graders Friday - she said she was going to find my blog, and I said I swear quite a bit in it, and we had an interesting discussion about swearing. I told her that I did it in part so that my readers would get more of a sense of my voice.

    P.S. Thanks for commenting - it makes me feel like someone is actually reading these things!

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