Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grub Club: Shashlik House

Domestic Goddess and Fire Marshall have lived near a little kebab restaurant called the Shashlik House for nearly two years now.  It's not open in the winter, but during the summer it gives off amazing, grilled meat smells, and on the way to and from Merkuri, Fire Marshall would often say, "Let's eat there!"  His totally mean wife would never, EVER let them.  But the great thing about being Alpha Dog in Grub Club is that you can make us to whatever you want, so this week, Fire Marshall finally got his way and we went to the Shashlik House for dinner.  Do they even take reservations?  Probably not - we just showed up.
Most of the skewers are grilled outside (chicken being the exception, probably for health reasons).  We sat outside on their "patio," which was nice because of the smoky grill smell wafting on the air.  When we give our marks, we include one for atmosphere; I rated it high because it had an authentic "hole in the wall" feel.  Fire Marshall made sure to wait until everyone was there before pointing out the dead dog in the parking lot.
Several of us were already in town and showed up well before 6:15.  The rest of us were waiting on a taxi that didn't come, and then got stuck in traffic.  We waited a while, but Five was already tipsy from drinking half a mojito on an empty stomach, so we ended up ordering a few kebabs to start us.  Five complained of the lack of rice (before even seeing the kebab plate, which included not only rice, but some veggies and a nice dense bread as well), so we looked at the menu again and figured out that "plav" must be pilaf, and sure enough, it was.  This was NOT my favorite dish because it had little chunks of fat for flavoring hiding in the rice.
They didn't have beer, so Fire Marshall ended up hitting the Minii Delguur nearby for a couple liters of GEM draft.  In the end, I tried the chicken, beef, and pork, which was my favorite.  The tomato and cucumber salad was also delicious, and everything was very reasonably priced...for the first (and probably only) time ever, the bill for ten of us was a mere 100,100 tugrugs.  We also grossed the heck out of Five, who is a germaphobe.  Domestic Goddess pretended she was going to eat some food off Five's spoon.  In response, I licked my fork and offered it to her.  Not to be outdone, Domestic Goddess licked her fork and offered it to me, so I went ahead and licked it, too.


  1. Sometimes I read your posts and I think, there is no way we could NOT be related.

  2. The mutual obsessive reading was _my_ first clue. I just figured out you had a blog, too - I'm going to have to start reading it. Loved the post about chilaquiles...googling pics and figuring out how to make things has become my lot in life. Let me know if you find a good one!