Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home, Sweet Home on the Hill

I've owed Babysis this blog since last September.  See, she's always curious to see my apartments.  Now, the best thing for her to do would be to come and visit, but now that Bunny's come into the world, the probability of that happening have gone from "slim to none" to "ice cube's chance in Hell."  So here we are.  I've been waiting to write it until I didn't have something more interesting to blog about, and since I had nothing more exciting to write about this week and I went into a cleaning frenzy on Friday night, it seems the time has come.
To start the tour, we've got my living room.  Since living in Shanghai I've learned to love window seats, and I was excited that both my windows have a nice, wide ledge.  In the living room, I decided to make it into an additional sitting area.  I bought a felt rug from one of the tourist shops in town and a couple of Kazakh-embroidered pillows to embellish it with.  You can also see my desk, which is where all the magic happens...or it would if I didn't spend so much time checking my facebook and my blog stats.
This is the other side of my living room.  I just attached the DVD player I bought from Domestic Goddess to my projector, so my home theater is better than ever before.  The chair in the corner is my favorite, because I like to snuggle up in the corner.  This is probably my favorite room as far as what I've done to it.
Then there's the kitchen (and the entryway - you can see the silhouette of my Peruvian toritos guarding me against evil spirits above the door).  Be sure to note the kick ass installation of coke cans on the top of my cabinets.  One thing I like better about my apartment here than any I've lived in in Asia is the fact that it has an oven.  I actually don't use it that much, but on nights like tonight I decide I'm going to throw together some enchiladas and invite over some friends (because, let's face it, who knows when I'll clean up guess would be sometime around the 19th of June...)  Yes, the refrigerator is tiny, but I don't keep that much food in the house, so I don't need a huge one.  Also, that IS a tv on top of the refrigerator.  It came with the apartment, but the Mongolian stations...well, let's just say there's nothing worse than watching Lord of the Rings dubbed in Mongolian.
And finally, we come to my bedroom (no, my apartment is not that big.  Yes, I skipped the bathroom.  I lost steam after FB chatting a couple of people Friday night and decided to watch Brave instead...thus, it's not clean, so you don't get to see it.  It's not that interesting anyways).  My bedroom used to have a decor I liked to think of as "Early Harlot Renaissance."  Strangely enough, my decorating themes tend to drift like continents every 5,000 miles or so.  Since moving to Mongolia the red in my bedroom has slowly been replaced by blue.  It wasn't even intentional, or it wasn't until I ordered the new quilt - another reason why I'm writing this blog this weekend.  One of my coworkers found this company here that recycles cashmere sweaters into quilts.  They're a little pricey, but very nice, and the proceeds go to help get women out of prostitution, so I decided to order one.  And that was when I looked at my room and realized that my red duvet cover no longer went with my room (also, it was getting a little tatty - I bought it in an Indian shop in Dubai and the quality never was fantastic, much as I loved it).  So I ordered a blue one and this is what they made me.  Engrish kindly picked mine up Friday when she got hers, since I was busy putting my art display together for Saturday's open house.  I really like's got a few patches with brightly colored flowers.  I guess they accent the bits of color in my Mongolian painting, but they're just so damn bright.  Still, it's soft and warm and sleeps like a dream, so I'm a pretty satisfied customer.  If you're interested in getting one for yourself, you can email Belgee at and she'll give you the details.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot to say about my place.  I've thought a little about moving into a different apartment for next year - the building is split down the middle and it's a little quiet on this half sometimes, especially if Engrish moves out next year, and if I moved into Lit's place, I'd have lots of cabinets and a great view of the mountains, instead of a whole lot of construction.  But in the end, it's a lot of hassle, packing everything, and I kind of like my flat.  But mostly it's because of the hassle.  I'm not sure if I've said this here, but packing and moving is just about my least favorite thing in the world to do - I'd rather write reports, take finals, or go to the doctor, and if you know me, none of those things rank very highly on my list of things to do in my free time.


  1. Oh, glad to see how nice you've decorated your apartment. It looks very homey- I think it's because of your use of lamps over the terrible overhead lighting.

    I have to get one of those quilts, even though I sent a down comforter ahead of me.

    Are you not allowed to paint the walls?

  2. Just saw this comment, sorry for the lateness! I don't think we're allowed to paint the walls - I've never asked, I prefer having a nice white wall because I use a projector rather than a tv. And although I do have a couple of lamps, I don't mind the overhead lighting, it's not too bad.