Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grub Club: The Castle

Okay, so I lied a little.  This is not a proper grub club post.  Grub Club has disbanded for the summer.  However, the school took us to The Castle Restaurant at the Children's Park for the seniors' graduation dinner, so I'm working with it.
I was really proud of the seniors.  I taught maybe half of them in my art elective this year, and two of those are going on to study art related careers - architecture and fashion design.  However, I would have much preferred a graduation dinner like we took the 8th graders for on Friday - just me and the other homeroom teacher, and 24 kids at another castle...the Irish Castle.  This is because some of my esteemed colleagues annoy the everliving crap out of me, and when the speeches started it got real old, real fast.  I mean, who the hell quotes the Qu'ran at a graduation dinner in a Buddhist country?!?  I could understand if it was particularly relevant or inspiring, but it wasn't.  It made my brain hurt so I won't go on.
I don't particularly care for these formal dinner event type things, even without taking into account my annoying colleagues.  There's the fact that you have to wait and wait to be served, and you don't get to pick what you're going to eat (I know, bitch, bitch, bitch - hey, it's a free dinner, I know I shouldn't complain).  They brought out bread first, which was good, and had some variety.
There were a variety of drinks on the table when we arrived, some of which were warm.  There was ONE coke on the table, and since I got to my table first (we were assigned tables to sit at - also not my favorite thing, although since I didn't have to sit with any of the aforementioned annoying coworkers I shouldn't bitch about that, either) I stole it.  Fire Marshall brought another one over, because he loves me so much (either that, or he knows what I'm like if I don't get my coke).  The second course was a salad, and although I wasn't too sure about the salmon, the little basket thing it's served in is made of parmesan cheese and that was awesome.
The main course was beef with vegetables.  It had a nice flavor but did get lodged in our teeth.  Also note the bone served with it.  Apparently you're supposed to eat the marrow.  I'm an unrefined hick and I felt no need to eat the marrow, no matter how good it was or how good for you.

There was also a dessert, which was good, but not unforgettable, since I have, in fact, forgotten what it was, only that it did not suck.
As far as ambience goes, it wasn't really all that special on the inside.  This clay relief sculpture was the best thing it had going for it, and you only saw it as you walked into the main seating area.  The outside, however, really does look like a castle, straight out of Disney.  If princesses aren't your thing, there's a pirate ship just next door.
Someday my prince will come...

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