Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grub Club: Tuul Restaurant

Tonight was the penultimate Grub Club for the school year, and it was Joanne's choice.  She had been wanting to take us to CCCP, a Russian restaurant, but after failing to get ahold of anyone we have come to the conclusion that it is defunct.  This is how we ended up going to Tuul, which is kind of an international fusion restaurant, instead.  I've been curious about this place for a while, mostly because they have salsa night every Friday, and I'd love to start salsa dancing, if I can find someone to go with me (strangely enough, going out dancing is one of the few things I don't really want to do alone.  Movies, restaurants, no problem, but dancing is a kind of a social activity and I would feel awkward going it alone).   
Finding nothing much more tempting, I decided I wanted khuushuur (having them on Sunday may have swayed me a little).  However, I decided khuushuur alone was not healthy enough, so I ordered the Chinese garlic and cucumber salad as well.  The khuushuur was delicious - the mutton was neither too muttony nor too fatty...the salad was awful.  It didn't have much flavor to it, although it looked and smelled delicious.  I tried adding some salt and pepper, but it didn't do any good.  Do yourself a favor and give this one a miss.
Domestic Goddess was disappointed, because the website said that Tuul had pad Thai, but she couldn't find it on the menu.  Geek ordered what we figure was approximately the same thing, although it went by a different name on the menu.  It was delicious.  Domestic Goddess went with the Bangkok chicken instead, which came with a delicious chili sauce, but that was the best thing about it.  Otherwise it was fairly lackluster.
By far the best dish ordered tonight was the burger that Engrish and PE shared.  It was big, juicy and flavorful, and came with a side of what Fire Marshall declared "the best fries in Mongolia."  They were cut fairly thin and had a nice seasoning on them - I can't argue with him on this one.
Finally, there's the pizza.  Domestic Goddess ordered a pepperoni one, but Mad Science, who apparently LOVES balls, went for the meatball pizza.  I was fortunate enough to have some of Domestic Goddess' and it was so-so.  Overall, Tuul was a hit-or-miss restaurant.  Some of the food was great, other dishes were lackluster.  Be prepared to strike out.  And if you do, hope that it starts raining as you're on your way out the door, because rainbows make everything better.  Five (who made it to dinner tonight, presumably because she loves Engrish more than me) pointed this one out to me as our taxi was on the Peace Bridge.  It was a great one, stretching unbroken all the way across the sky.

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