Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top Ten Reasons You Should Visit Tibet this Year

So after a very, VERY long week, I've crossed over from Tibet to Nepal.  Tibet, in case you didn't realize it (and you should, since I mentioned it in the last few posts), is technically part of China, so I was ecstatic to sit in front of a guesthouse and check my facebook this morning while waiting for a jeep to take me to Kathmandu.  Now, whether it is right or wrong that China owns Tibet's ass, I won't go into, so if you are here looking for one of my classic angry blogs, you're going to be disappointed.  A few days before I set off on my adventures my blog registered a hit from China.  Now, as I mentioned before, China blocks blogs as well as facebook, so I'm guessing whoever read it was somehow involved in the government, and that freaked me the heck out.  Now that I've been to Tibet, I'm not as worried about whether or not they will turn me away at the airport, but on the other hand, my guide and driver were fantastic, and they never said a bad word about the government, and I'd hate for them to get in trouble because I went shooting my mouth off for your entertainment. 
Anyways, without further ado, here's your top ten list, according to me:
10. Because people will smile at you, laugh at you, smack your ass...basically they will be thrilled you're there.
9. Because there's nowhere else on earth you will find people so dedicated to living what they believe.  Trust me, I know; I've seen quite a bit of this planet.
8. Because you've never tried yak.  And you should.
7. So that you can fully appreciate the wonder of toilets...well, basically anywhere else.  I'll dedicate a whole blog to toilets later.
6. Because you love colorful shit.  (I do - as an artist I can proudly say that I'm a whore for color, and everything from the walls to people's hair is colorful).
5. Highest mountain in the world.  'Nuff said.
4. Because "Temple Fatigue" is a real condition, and we need to spread awareness.  Did you know that long-term travel in Buddhist countries can lead to a syndrome called "Temple Fatigue?"  In an upcoming blog I will share the symptoms, and what you can do if you are suffering from it.
3. So that you will realize - when you are getting pissed off at being pushed in a huge crowd of worshippers at Tashillunbo Monastery - that as devoted as they are, Tibetans are still just people.  And people everywhere are pretty much the same (annoying!)
2. So you can have a better understanding of the situation.  So you can see the good things that have happened as a result of Tibet being part of China as well as getting pissed off over what isn't so great about it.

and the number one reason you should visit Tibet this year:

Because you can, dumbass.  The government has pretty much dropped all the permit restrictions.  How long do you think that's going to last?


  1. I think I`ve experienced this temple-fatigue you speak of. So, I guess there were tons of temples in Tibet. Were they all occupied?

  2. The parts that were still whole were. There was a lot of destruction done there during the cultural revolution, and while some things have been rebuilt - goodwill (of a sort) on the part of the Chinese - you can also see just how much more there was before.

  3. I've experienced temple fatigue before - I even passed out after my sister was sealed. On the other hand, I did the whole "one million bows to Buddha" thing and found it quite exhausting as well. BTW, the pic with the colorful door, grey hallway, colorful background...BRILLIANT. What does yak taste like?

    1. Rick, you crack me up, still! Yak was surprisingly delicious, not gamey at all and it didn't taste like chicken. It was a red meat, but I found it more savory than beef. PS- I mentioned you in a post about halfway through April...let's see if you can find it...

  4. How many ass smacks did you get??? Depending on the ratio between time spent and smacks gotten, I might be extremely interested in being there. Oh yes, and mostly male or female smacker??? I'm so glad you're a faithful blogger, adventures with Becky is my favorite read ;)

    1. I think I got about five, all from women (once from a nun of the Buddhist variety!) The last time I was ganged up on by four older Tibetan ladies, who were all trying to get me to turn around and take the circuit the correct direction while patting me because I was so adorably plump.