Friday, July 5, 2013

Holy Land, Hole-y Toilets

This will be a short one.  However, it bears stressing again: Tibet has the worst toilets.  Ever.  (At least, when there actually IS a toilet...that is not a foregone conclusion.)
Beginning with the ones at the government office my guide had to visit when we first got to Tsetang.  It didn't have toilet paper (none of them do!) but it DID have a door!  Most of them did not, as you will see.
Continuing with the ones at Yumbulagang, Tibet's oldest palace (definitely not fit for a king!  Hope you aren't particular about your privacy...)
In a small town heading out toward toilet paper but tiled ever-so nicely!
Sometimes you feel like the sun shines out your ass...and sometimes it is shining on it, from directions it has no business shining from...I do NOT want to see what's down there!

And I didn't even take a picture of the worst ones - I decided I was not so set on grossing you out that I needed to take photos of where someone had missed the hole at Everest Base Camp while dealing with diarrhea.  Suffice it to say that Tibet is a beautiful country, but don't come for the pleasant bathroom experiences!


  1. Oh my. These make outhouses look really good.

    1. It makes me glad the outhouses we had to clean at Girl Scout Camp were never this bad!