Monday, July 22, 2013

Visiting the Oracle (April 2007)

I think I must have pissed off Apollo by calling his twin sister butch, because he did not put in an appearance at his temple today.  Instead it was freaking cold and rainy, but I had to be undeterred by the weather, because how many times am I going to have the chance to visit Greece?
Today I went to Delphi.  This is the oracle where the prophecy that Oedipus was going to kill his father and marry his mother was made (twice).  It's also, according to Greek mythology, the center of the world - Zeus released two eagles from the ends of the earth, and this is where they met.  You can't even believe the geography - the slopes of Mount Parnassos fall away one after the next and nestled between them is the complex of treasuries, temples, and even a theater (oh, those wacky ancient Greeks and their love of a good play!).  It's all ruins now, but I think that makes it even better.  Maybe it's my twentieth century mind, but a temple just isn't a temple unless it's crumbling to bits.
Note: Definitely not a skinny, docile blonde

There's no longer an oracle at Delphi.  I thought I might apply for the job, since I'm not really happy in Bahrain, but according to Lonely Planet, her visions were induced by inhaling vapors, and drugs don't really coexist with a Mormon lifestyle.  Also, I can't really see myself being Apollo's type - I imagine he's more into skinny, docile blondes (since most of the men in my life are).
The gymnasium of Ancient Delphi
I also spent two hours talking to a 'good boy' (or so a random old Greek man told me when he staggered up and engaged us in conversation...he had a badge on his shirt that said he was with New York City School District Security Services, but I have my doubts) from Canada named Kevin.  He'd spent a year teaching ESL in Korea - Pusan to be exact - and it was really good to talk to a person who didn't roll their eyes every time I said, 'When I was in Korea.'  He admitted to having really bad travel karma, though, so maybe the rain was his fault.

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  1. Ironically, I asked when I wrote this how many times I'd travel to Greece? It's been three times already, and I'd like to go again, when I have the right time off.